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Rumour: Leaker says that SEGA planning re-releasing Sonic 3 & Knuckles in a Sonic Collection

Video game leaker Zippo is confident that SEGA is looking to release a Sonic the Hedgehog collection as part of the spiky blue hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, which is taking place this year. The leaker shared that  Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles will be making a comeback in a new Sonic collection. There were previously legal issues surrounding the game, as Nintendo Life points out, some of the tracks were apparently composed by Michael Jackson, but went uncredited. So it’s now looking like SEGA have found a way to revive the game. As always this is just a rumour at present but nothing has been confirmed by SEGA regarding a Sonic collection.

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13 thoughts on “Rumour: Leaker says that SEGA planning re-releasing Sonic 3 & Knuckles in a Sonic Collection”

    1. Who cares, you can play Sonic 3 and Knuckles on Sonic Jam on the Saturn or even download it to the Mega Drive Mini along with a load of other Mega Drive or Genesis games from elsewhere, it’s not like it was never made available before and isn’t already. It’s even on Xbox Live.

    1. Perhaps it’s because it was released before the legal issues arose? It was notably absent from the console versions.

      1. That has nothing to do with it because it was on the Sega Saturn compilation – Sonic Jam which arrived in 1997 and the Mega Drive collection in 1995/6 the year before and it was planned to be in a Dreamcast collection just before Sega changed their structure in March 2001, it’s also on Xbox Live and has been since 2011, and typically when a game has license issues and it was released digitally, it gets ‘de-listed’ from the store as the license expires. Sega did this with Outrun Online Arcade which had been up since 2009 and got delisted around 2013.

  1. So Michael Jackson beats are the hold up? Can’t wait to here those. I heard they might include the never released Sonic MJ crossover game; Sonic & Bubbles.

  2. That’s cool, although the community already stepped up to meet that need (and then some) with Sonic 3 AIR. Hoping Sega has another Mania in the works within their unannounced projects, Whitehead and his team are the only devs qualified to work on Sonic these days IMO

    1. Sonic 3 AIR is great and all, but there will always be a market for official rereleases. I mean, take a look at Mario 3D All-Stars. I bought that even though I’ve got Dolphin easily running on my PC. If I can ever play Sonic 3 on my Switch, that’ll just be a nice fun thing I can do. As for a new 2D Sonic game helped by Whitehead? Yes please. I’ll take that before an official Sonic 3 rerelease honestly

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