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Star Wars Republic Commando Version 1.0.2 Live

Aspyr has announced that the long-awaited update for Star Wars Republic Commando is now live for Nintendo Switch players. The Version 1.0.2 update fixes frame rate issues which players and the team have encountered, so they have made a number of behind the scenes changes and optimisations regarding the issues. The team also says that they have also fixed the bugged key inputs. Here’s the patch notes direct from the developers:

  • Performance Optimizations
    • There were a handful of areas in which the frame rate was lower than expected, most noticeable early in the first level. There were also areas in which the frame rate itself wasn’t impacted, but that the gameplay experience didn’t match. It was important for us to address both, so development went through the game adding additional optimizations. One of these optimizations included adjusting how the game was handling audio, to free up more system resources for performance.
    • This had the added benefit of not just improving performance in the areas where it was either low or felt low, but improved the overall performance throughout the entire game.
  • Resolved Issues When Rebinding Keys
    • We resolved some bugs that were causing the game to not display the proper button prompts or register that specific buttons on the JoyCon were being pressed.


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