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Roblox Corporation CEO & co-founder Dave Baszucki says that the Switch “makes perfect sense for Roblox”

15 years ago, Roblox launched on the PC. In the years that have followed the free-to-play game builder’s original launch, it also released on mobile devices and the Xbox One. In fact, the 2015 Xbox One launch is the most recent platform release that the game had, despite a new Nintendo console and a new generation of Microsoft and Sony consoles launching since.

However, that may be changing soon. Roblox Corporation’s CEO and co-founder Dave Baszucki said in the company’s Q1 2021 earnings conference call that “Switch, PlayStation, [Oculus] Quest – all of these platforms make perfect sense for Roblox”. Time will tell if the company decides to bring the game to these platforms.


17 thoughts on “Roblox Corporation CEO & co-founder Dave Baszucki says that the Switch “makes perfect sense for Roblox””

      1. I hope so. It feels like for every 1000 indie games on the switch, there’s 1 actual game worth buying.

      2. Keep that disgusting shit away from me!

        Also a big Indie game to keep an eye out for is Little Devil Inside. The site hasn’t covered it for whatever reasons, but it’s coming to switch in July and is an amazing looking game. The art style and dedication from the team making it is insane.

        Seriously gonna be a dope game.

    1. lol my thoughts exactly. So far the Switch really hasn’t had anything good. Other than Mario Kart 8, Smash Ultimate, & Metroid Prime 4, all I see is just an endless flood of Indie-Crap..

      1. Not all indie games are crap. Besides if it was major label games you wanted haha your asking too much if all u do is play nintendo games. You already should know by now we dont always get all the good games. Specially when everyone else is only interested in technology versus innovation.

      2. @Bonerjams oh of course I know not all Indie Games are crap. I thought that was obvious and goes without saying so you’d understand the exaggeration I was using. The problem is that for every good indie game theres what, about 100 bad ones? Add to the fact that the Switch e Shop has no way to filter games and it’s like looking for gold in a pile of animal poo lol.

        But I wasn’t asking for too much. The only games I care for are the “major labels” so I really only bought the Switch for Metroid Prime 4, Mario Kart, Yu-Gi-Oh & hopefully a new Sonic Game if Sega gets their act together. All the other games I just simply don’t care for so they’re all wastes of time for me. My whole point was just that I expected a lot more “major label’ games instead of an endless flow of penny-games, garbage mobile ports, & “indie-crap”. The same reason goes for Playstation, I only got a PS4 for Diablo, King of Fighters, & any really good open world mmorpgs, I wasn’t asking too much, I bought it for exactly what I wanted, just had other expectations in addition.

  1. I know everyone’s cursing roblox, but unfortunately it’s ridiculously popular and I imagine it would boom on the switch with the young kids.
    My kids are addicted to it and they watch all these YouTube vids too which give me such a headache

  2. So many ignorant h8rs here…
    Roblox is actually fun and awesome, I’d be happy to see it get on the switch.
    Lots of quality indie games… take Astro Bears or One Strike for example… if you think it’s bad because it’s small or cute then that’s a personal problem not an issue with Nintendo or the industry…
    (I am aware there are lots of bad games out there… do your own research!)

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