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SEGA announces Sonic Colors Ultimate

SEGA has announced during the Sonic 30th Anniversary conference that they will be re-releasing Sonic Colors which made its debut on the Wii. The newly revised game will be titled Sonic Colors Ultimate and is due to be released on the Nintendo Switch this September with improved visuals. You can pre-order Sonic Colors Ultimate and it will be released on all platforms on 7th September. Check out the trailer below!

10 thoughts on “SEGA announces Sonic Colors Ultimate”

  1. I wonder why this game got remade, colors was my second 3d sonic game and tbh as much as I like the music and everything, the game is awfully short, and writing was start of them making sonic’s character obnoxious (cough coughbaldymacnosehair) this game better not be $60 because I’m already getting 3d mario collection flashbacks again.

    1. Don’t worry, the standard edition is $40, and the Deluxe is $45-50 by the looks of it… and looking at other websites, it includes a variety of new content on top of the base game. It’s a lot more than your standard port

  2. Apparently people are angry that the PC version is only available on the Epic Games Store, can anyone explain to me why this is a bad thing?

    1. I really don’t know why exactly. Maybe the lawsuit between Apple and Google still continues and Epic has lost 400 million revenues because of Apple and Google.

  3. I thought Colors was good (I liked the DS version a bit more though), but why is this the Sonic game they’ve decided to remaster? The Adventure games are more in need of that treatment, not to mention people have clamoring for that for years; I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “I want an updated version of Colors”.

    1. The Adventure games have already gotten the HD treatment years ago ; Colors hasn’t. And quite honestly, I’ve heard more people say “I want an updated version of Colors”, because the game is only available on one platform (the DS game is a different game altogether), whereas Adventure 1 and 2 have been on – what ? 5 ? Even 7, if I count the backwards compatible XBox consoles. It’s a lot more difficult to play Colors, nowadays, because it’s only on a non-HD console, whereas the Adventure games are available nearly everywhere.

      1. When did SA1 get the HD treatment? All I know about is the Director’s Cut which actually made some things worse compared to the original (seriously, WHAT is that water rendering on Emerald Coast in Director’s?).

  4. Interesting. Sega is doing better with Sonic than Nintendo did with Mario. At least Sonic Colors will get better visuals unlike Mario 64 just port it and not improve nothing.

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