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Nintendo’s E3 2021 event kicks off on Tuesday 15th June and is 40 minutes long

Mark your calendars! On June 15, Nintendo will host its E3 2021 livestream.

Tune in at 9am PT / 5pm UK time for a Nintendo Direct presentation, featuring roughly 40 minutes of information focused exclusively on Nintendo Switch games mainly releasing in 2021. Immediately after the Nintendo Direct, continue watching for around three hours of deep dives on gameplay for a handful of Nintendo Switch games in Nintendo Treehouse: Live.

While this year’s E3 is going virtual, everyone is invited to tune in to Nintendo’s digital activities on June 15. Both the Nintendo Direct video presentation and Nintendo Treehouse: Live livestream can be viewed at

Source: Nintendo of America

27 thoughts on “Nintendo’s E3 2021 event kicks off on Tuesday 15th June and is 40 minutes long”

  1. Ha what do you know my prediction was spot on I guess the only new game we can expect to show up would be Splatoon 3, and as for dlc all I can think of is smash, I hope we see alot of brand new first party games.

      1. Oops my bad let me clarify, by new I meant the only new game we actually seen this year that we haven’t gotten any new details from aside from first trailer, only reason why I feel like it will be reveal its because it looks polish good enough for treehouse to do gameplay on it, lol my bad and sorry for the misunderstanding.

    1. How does it concern you tho, almost every Nintendo e3 presentation has been 40 mins long game trailers only last from 1 to 5 mins plus games that already have been talk about end up in the round up section of presentation and that section is short.

    2. Don’t worry, they aren’t like Sony or original Nintendo directs. Nintendo has been good at not giving to much time to one game. Except with Smash Ultimate in 2018.

  2. Let’s go!! Hopefully we’ll get news on Breath of the Wild 2, Metroid Prime 4 and some surprises :)

    Also, penultimate Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter.

  3. 40 minutes would concern me if there wasn’t a long treehouse planned after. They announced Samus Returns during a post e3 treehouse so who knows. Microsoft said their’s will be about an hour and a half. But hey, size isn’t everything.

    The “exclusively on switch software” makes it sound like, “we’re not talking about hardware so don’t get your hopes up”. We shall see.

        1. For me I typically find something fun or interesting in every Direct, so the most recent one was good to me.

    1. Last good one was in 2019 before the pandemic and that was the september direct, the february one was decent for nintendo first time returning back to normal direct formats.

  4. Sometimes I miss the live presentations. We won’t really get to know any of the executives like we did with Reggie and Iwata. Doug Bowser seems like he has a sense of humor with those pictures when he joined Nintendo, but there’s next to no footage of him.

    1. The developers would have to do a remake with some updated sanity effects if they want it to work well in 2021<. For example, most TVs show the volume prompt differently than what the original game does so the desired effect of me wondering if something’s up with my TV would not work.

  5. I don’t know about anyone else, but I never watch the Treehouse live streams. All I ever care about is the actual Nintendo Directs. This will probably be another disappointing year of no Pikmin 4 announcement. I’m SO sick of not hearing anything about that game.

  6. Now that Xbox showed what games they wanted, I wonder what Nintendo has planned?
    If nintendo wants to win E3 here is the list of games they need to show:
    Metroid Prime 4
    Bayonetta 3
    Mario Super Strikers
    Splatoon 3
    Pikmin 4
    Astral Chain 2
    Luigi’s Mansion 4
    Bravely Default III
    Donkey Kong 2D or 3D
    Ocarina of Time/Wind Waker/Twilight Princess

    If these games real then they would be Number I at E3.

    If Xboc cax display 30 games in under 90 minutes that means they immediately was hard at work then why cant Nintendo show us this list of games exclusive and using the hardware advantage for the Switch?

    I know it isnt too soon for Luigi’s Mansion 4 if Xbox can show Outer World 2. So obviously the developers of Outer World immediately worked on the Sequel.

    Some reason Xbox proved they hard at work and Nintedo just makes 3 games and waits 8 years to begin again. Kudos to Xbox proving developers can work on games immediately like Outer World’s 2. The game between Outer Worlds 1 and 2 is closer than Pikmin 3 and Pikmin 4. Which shows Myiomoto is getting more and more lazy.

    Kudos for Ubisoft for also working on Mario-Rabbids immediately closing the gap to 5 years while Pikmin fans have been waiting 8 years from Pikmin 3 to Pikmin 4. Proving Myiomoto acting like he retired from gaming.

  7. Miyotomoto been blowing smoke. Talking about Pikmin 4 is nearly complete and here Outerworld 2 is shown for 2022 within 4 years after Outer Worlds was released for sell. And Mario Rabbids as well. Almost 6 years and still no Pikmin 4.

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