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Capcom’s E3 2021 showcase set for 14th June

Capcom logo featuring games

Capcom have announced this afternoon that their E3 2021 showcase kicks off on Monday, 14th June at 2.30pm PT / 10.30pm UK time.The company plans to showcase numerous games including the upcoming The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and the already available Nintendo Switch timed-exclusive Monster Hunter Rise. Hopefully there will be a few surprises as well from the Japanese company. You will be able to watch the Capcom E3 2021 showcase on YouTube and Twitch etc.

4 thoughts on “Capcom’s E3 2021 showcase set for 14th June”

  1. I wonder if they have something Street Fighter related to announce. This might explain why they dropped that game was dropped from the eshop….

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