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Ubisoft: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle played by more than 7.5 million people worldwide

Ubisoft have revealed that the charming and entertaining Nintendo Switch game Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, which launched back in 2017, has been played by more than 7.5 million people. The news came after the announcement of a brand new game in the series yesterday which is titled Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and it is coming to Switch next year. You can check out the trailer for the graphically impressive Switch title below.


5 thoughts on “Ubisoft: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle played by more than 7.5 million people worldwide”

    1. It’s pretty fun my only complaint is that some of the puzzles were very difficult especially late game, and there’s no hints in certain sections so you have to go on YouTube to see how to pass them.

      1. Well, isn’t most people’s complaints about modern games is how they hold your hand. I’m just glad they decided to add difficulty modes in the next game instead of make it universally easier.

        1. You can still use hints without being subtle though, it’s not like the hint is suppose to teach you how to solve the whole thing, this was a issue that cause alot of people to stop playing Mario+Rabbids in the later game, I never had an issue with the battling system, it’s just the puzzle section in the later game that made things frustrated

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