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New Sonic Colors Ultimate gameplay

SEGA, Games Radar and IGN have unleashed two new Sonic Colors Ultimate videos showing off two of the acts you will encounter as you blitz your way through the upcoming Nintendo Switch remaster. During the Future Games Show the team showed off both Act 2 of Tropical Resort and Asteroid Coaster Act 1. You also get a look at some of the Wisps granting different powers. Sonic Colors is coming to multiple platforms on 7th September. Check out the two acts from the big Sonic title this year Sonic Colors Ultimate below:

Sonic Colors Ultimate: Tropical Resort Act 2.

Sonic Colors Ultimate: Asteroid Coaster Act 1.


5 thoughts on “New Sonic Colors Ultimate gameplay”

    1. If you played Generations you have an Idea of how it plays. The only issue with it is the fact the levels are a lottle short at times as it was originally a Wii game. Some people like to complain about how much 2D is in it, but I always found that dumb. With that logic Sonic Mania must be a terrible game because it’s all 2D.

  1. I wonder why they didn’t try to add the red Burst Wisp and Violet Void Wisp (well, maybe not that one necessarily) from the DS version into this; I’m sure there are segments where they could have worked. I’m not sure I could call it “Ultimate” without them.

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