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Kamiya annoyed by fans asking what’s happened to Bayonetta 3

One game that many thought would make a sneak appearance during the recent Nintendo E3 2021 presentation was Platinum Games long-awaited next instalment in the Bayonetta series, Bayonetta 3. Hideki Kamaya the game’s creator, has expressed annoyance on Twitter due to the constant requests by fans on the social media platform asking what has happened to the Nintendo Switch exclusive. We have yet to see a gameplay trailer for the game since it was announced back in December 2017 at The Game Awards. However, Kamiya did say earlier this year that the game is progressing well and that it is down to Nintendo regarding as and when they produce and show a trailer for Bayonetta 3.

“I get why people say, ‘Hurry up and release info’ or ‘Show us something,’ but…,” Kamiya wrote on Twitter. “Reckless remarks like ‘Has development stopped?’ or ‘I guess it’s been delayed’, etc. are nothing but annoying public waste.” 

Kamiya replied to tweets by those suggesting that development had stopped, calling those Twitter users “kuso baka” (f**king idiots). He did seem irritated with the speculation, especially because he’s previously indicated things are progressing well.”


32 thoughts on “Kamiya annoyed by fans asking what’s happened to Bayonetta 3”

  1. Oh well, no need for the bad language. At least he has lots of supporters eagerly anticipating the game. If not, the game wouldn’t exist. ( or doesn’t it, lol! )

  2. I was blocked by Kamiya for praising him. The guy is a social media moron and shouldn’t be allowed near Twitter.
    I do agree with him in that fans need to just shut up, learn some patience and manage their own expectations but its damaging to attack your fanbase.

    1. +justthetricktm
      Getting blocked by Kamiya isn’t a bad thing, it’s an honour.
      Think of it like a badge of approval.

  3. Granted fans are annoying and hide behind their keyboards but it’s a bit odd to announce something and not release it within a 2 – 3 year window.

    Nintendo themselves said that they will only announce and promote game’s closest to their release dates. Bayonetta 3 has taken more than the expected dev time. If it’s going well, Kamiya might as well have his team release a teaser trailer to satiate the appetite.

    1. Well he literally said, it’s up to nintendo to show something if they want to. If I’m a developer and Nintendo asked my company to produce say Zelda for them. I can’t just release a trailer without their consent, they decide all of that. They are completely funding the project.

  4. I get the frustration from him, but… come on. We’re close to five whole years since its announcement.
    Not our fault you announced the game way too early.

  5. This guy is an absolute A-hole.
    He’s annoyed !!!! Fans are screaming to give him money for Bayo 3. Is it too much to ask for an update since this game was mentioned 4/5 years ago.
    I really hope his channel now gets bombarded with comments after this reckless response

    *ps – seriously tho, where is Bayo 3 ?????

  6. Kamiya can seriosly go fuck himself, and stop constantly complaining about everything. If he doesn’t like people talking about his studios games, he should retire!

  7. The strange world of...Stranga

    And what about the people who are annoying with the wonderful 101 remastered fiasco? there are people who supported that and haven’t received neither their copy nor the goodies.

    Check the kickstarter page to see the people complaining.

  8. Honestly you announced a highly anticipated game 3.5 years ago with absolutely nothing else than a title image, nothing real since then as updates, as we continue to see several others Platinum titles. Deal with it a-hole.

  9. Everyone here sounds like an entitled as*hat. games dont just pop out over 3 years, not to mention the ghost year of covid. Look at kingdom hearts 3, ff7 remake, ff15 those games took years to come out and that’s from a AAA studio. Platinum needs to keep the bread on the table so they take contracts working with other companies and right now they def have their hands tied with square. Them breathing down plat’s necks about a 4 player, online, GaaS which they’ve never done before. of course square will pay a lot more for that than nintendo.

    also he already said multiple times “do not talk to me in english” because HE DOESNT KNOW ENGLISH. good comment or bad comment, it would take too much time to translate your tweet, then go to google, translate his japanese, then reply just to get asked when dante is gonna get in smash.

    1. Platinum Games is in the market of feeding consumers. To not give a new trailer, or a true update in 3/5 years on a single title is poor form.

      Regarding the english speaking. He’s on Twitter for christ sake, of course he is gonna have tweets in english. We just finished E3, of course there is gonna be traction and questions asked around Bayo3. If its too much work then come off Twitter.

      1. bro he deadass said that development is going smooth??? just because you didnt get a trailer doesnt mean they arent working on it. and here’s a thought “the world doesn’t revolve around you or the english speaking portion of it.” twitter is an INTERNATIONAL app. if he only wants to talk to people in his native tongue you can’t force him. wouldnt you be upset if someone talked to you exclusively in french about meaningless things like “hey we see you work at mcdonalds how long until the mcrib is coming back???” it get tiresome

    2. Bayonetta was announced before covid… Covid cant be blamed on everything… Bayonettas been shown four years ago… Four.. People arent demanding anything from platinum just asking if they will show something. Since they are interested in the game and buying it.

      Speculation at this point is understandable noone is acting entitled so stop that nonsense.
      Also the do not talk to me in english thing is a personal problem. Twitter has a translate button on tweets so whatever on that it still kinda unprofessional

      1. good thing thats his PERSONAL TWITTER. it’s not @platgames now is it? covid can in fact be blamed on everything they cant just work from home immediately thats exactly how that capcom hack happened. again you’re demanding a lot from a small dev that takes contracts. if the combat is not perfect or the trailer wont run at atleast 30 fps why show it? why not say development is going smooth and keep it pushing?

        1. Bayonetta was shown pre covid.. Other games got started and finish even during covid… A small look or teaser could have been shown… So yeah covid cant be fully blamed here…. Several other studios revealed larger titles that have been in developed in covid … Botw2 as well… This isnt an excuse anymore…

  10. If people is not aware, Kamiya is a fucking asshole on Twitter to the point that if you ask him something that he already answered before (doesn’t matter if was something from like 20 years ago) he calls you a fucking moron and blocks you.

  11. Why mention it 3 years ago if you knew it wasnt coming out anytime soon? I cant blame fans. Just like how Pikmin 4 fans been waiting 6 years and still nothing. Pointless to bring a game out if you know you not about to reveal no trailers or nothing.

  12. Well what does he expect? It’s been 3.5 years of radio silence. It’s not unreasonable to assume things have become vaporware if you don’t talk about a project that long after it’s been announced.

  13. His reaction suggests that he’s frustrated with the current state of development as well. “Hey did you make progress on that game you were developing?” – “SHUT UP!!!” is not a good sign.

  14. Seeing a lot of ignorant comments on here so let’s break these down shall we?

    “You shouldn’t have announced the game so soon”
    Uhm… I hate to break it to you but Ninty was the ones that announced the game, don’t blame Kamiya for something that he didn’t do.

    “We have had silence since it was announced! How can we not be asking about it?”
    Dood, Kamiya and co have literally been telling us time and time again that development is going smoothly and still coming out! No Trailers =/= No Updates

    “It’s been over 3 years! We deserve news!”
    Guys, 3 years is tame compared to what other franchises have endured. Kingdom Hearts 3? At least 5 years. Zelda BOTW? Over 4 years,

    “His comments are unprofessional! They are not good for business!”
    Except for the fact that this all came from his personal Twitter? If this came from PG’s official twitter then sure, that’s a different story but this is his personal account, he can say whatever he wants so long as it’s legal.
    And while we are here, yes maybe he does come off as a jerk but it’s easy to judge from the outside especially when you’re behind a keyboard. I can imagine it gets very stressful when people ask you the same stuff again and again and again especially when it’s questions you’ve already answered.

    “We can’t blame Covid because it was announced before that began”
    Guys, the game was ANNOUNCED before Covid, not “Finished before Covid”. I’ve no doubt in my mind that Covid has had a major effect on pretty much all developers especially ones working on AAA titles.

    So guys, chill out, take a step back, and let’s go cook some carrots.

    1. I hate to be that person but judging from most of stuff he’s said from this year and last year, it seems like their going through development issues, amd that he doesn’t admit it, plus he did mess up alot of people on kickstater with wonderful 101 so its not like most of these people don’t have a reason to be upset with him, this dudes always been sketchy to me imo.

    2. I don’t remember the development process of KH3 entirely, but development started around 2012-13, 2013 being the announcement for it. Even though it took 6 years between the announcement and release they still gave us updates letting us know that development was going along iirc.
      If it’s been nearing 4 years with no public statement, then that’s when I start to assume the project was shelved and get excited for different projects. His reaction is very melodramatic, of course after this amount of time people will want to hear some sort of update so that they know the team hasn’t given up on it.
      At least it’s not like Pikmin 4 where it was announced 6 years and we STILL haven’t seen anything about it, the exact duration between KH3’s announcememt and release that people love to meme so much..

    3. I fail to see where anyone said they deserve to see the game… No one said that they are wondering what happened to it.

      Nintendo was the ones to show the game true but platinum also had something to show and allowed it to be shown… They fould have told nintendo they werent ready.

      2 unprofessional is still unprofessional.. It doesnt matter if its his personal page he still promotes his stuff there and his projects his place of work puts out… Lets not dance around it… Its still unprofessional

      3 covid is not an excuse… Point blank yeah it was revealed prior but something could have still been shown instead of the recycled “its going smoothly”,… If it was something would have been shown and implies they had worked on the project too.. Astral chain was being worked on and several other platinum titles… Covid cant be blamed on everything.

      Nobody is acting entitled they are just speculating and wondering what happened and that in itself is justified… So lets stop acting like people are grabbing pitchforks because no one is…

      1. +ladyrosalina

        Nintendo are the ones making this happen, they are FUNDING the project so they have full say on how things go down. Platinum Games are the developers, just like how Sakurai and Bandai Namco are the developers of Smash Bros, both are games that Nintendo are making happen so they get the final say on how things happen.
        I would normally agree with this…but it’s Twitter, 1 of the most toxic cesspools on the planet. If you watch any interview with Kamiya he’s actually a really nice dood and super down to Earth. If you have 30 minutes to spare, I highly recommend watching Nick Robinson’s video titled “Blocked: The Hideki Kamiya Story”, it really helps shed some light on the matter.
        Let me ask this; Do you have any involvement with the development of Bayonetta game or any involvement with Platinum Games? If the answer is No then you can’t say “something could have still been shown” when you have no idea exactly what’s going down.
        This page literally says ““I get why people say, ‘Hurry up and release info’ or ‘Show us something,’ but…,” Kamiya wrote on Twitter. “Reckless remarks like ‘Has development stopped?’ or ‘I guess it’s been delayed’, etc. are nothing but annoying public waste.”
        In what Universe does saying “Hurry up and release info” not count as being entitled? Not to mention saying things like “Has development stopped?” or “I guess it’s delayed” when Kamiya has stated development is going smoothly is just rude. But again, it’s Twitter, so I’m not surprised, people on Twitter always take things too far.
        I’ve also seen people on this page stating how Kamiya is a “fking ahole” and that “He can go f**k himself” so please don’t claim people don’t need to chill, we just need to take a chill pill and back off.

      2. I disagree. If it’s his personal twitter, he can be as much of an asshole as he wants if he’s annoyed. Calling him unprofessional on his personal account is dumb. If you called him on his personal phone at 2 in the morning his time, he has a right to call you a fucking asshole for waking him up when he’s trying to bloody sleep and you shouldn’t have free reign to tell him he should be “more professional” when he calls you out. How about being a decent human being & not wake someone up at 2 in the morning if no one is bloody dying or in danger? Want to ask a question in regards to his job? Contact him through his professional account, not his personal. We need to stop expecting people with a job to be “professional” 24/7. It’s just not possible. We’re bloody human, not machines.

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