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Cruis’n Blast will be getting a retail release

One of the third party titles which was announced at E3 as a Switch exclusive was the home console version of Cruis’n Blast. Cruis’n Blast will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this autumn with roughly 30 tracks for you to make your way through and plenty of zany vehicles. The official Twitter account for the game has announced that the arcade game will be getting a physical release and will hopefully be available once the game hits the Switch later this year.

Cruis’n is Back!

  • The arcade hit Cruis’n Blast is speeding onto Nintendo Switch™! 
  • Blast your way through nearly 30 over-the-top tracks. 
  • Grab the wheel of 23 custom rides from licensed supercars to monster trucks and unicorns!
  • Up to four players can race together, so pick your favorite vehicle and hit the road! 

6 thoughts on “Cruis’n Blast will be getting a retail release”

  1. This was an actual arcade? I didn’t even know arcades still existed. But this is great news. I always loved this series. I wish they’d release the original trilogy (remastered) onto the Switch. Now that would TRULY be awesome!

    1. I’ve been to a few different bowling alleys that had this and the Mario Kart arcade racer side by side. I’ve even been to a casino that had these racers as well!

    1. Actually, RAW THRILLS is publishing the game with Nintendo’s permission. The Big N still owns the Cruis’N IP.

  2. Its very cool that this is getting a Switch release. I remember when the Switch first launched i was hoping this would be a launch title for it. Also the fact that Raw Thrills, an arcade exclusive company that was against releasing their games on home versions, is finally doing home ports, excites me with the possibility more of their games could show up on the Switch. For those that dont know, its composed of a lot of the guys who use to work at Midway and is kinda like the spiritual successor to their style of arcade games. Theyve done arcade titles such as a new Ninja Turtles beat em up and various light gun games such as for Jurassic Park and Aliens.

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