UK: all episodes of Pokémon Journeys: The Series available on Netflix from 1st July

From the 1st of July, Pokémon Journeys: The Series will be available to stream on Netflix. The 23rd animated series in the franchise has already been available to watch over on kids channel POP! here in the UK, but folk won’t have to wait for each episode to air as the entire set of episodes will be available to watch from day one via Netflix. The season premiered way back in 2019 in Japan and made its way to the US last year, and with the 24th series not long from release, it’s definitely great news for Pokémon fans in the UK.

You check out a trailer for the series in the video embedded below.


  1. I’ll skip all episodes that contain Avery, Hop, Allister and Gordie because they are not waifus.

  2. We get it, moron- you want all four of them to tie you to a bed and have a Venusaur vine whip you while getting hot Litwick wax poured onto you and listening to Mr. Mime ASMR.

    Sickr, can we stop reporting on Pokemon stuff for a little bit so this idiot stops spamming comments about these characters?

    1. @The Man of Brisk

      Don’t feed the trolls. They keep coming but don’t give them the attention.

        1. @Anubis [Dogma+]

          As long as the Avery hater doesn’t threaten real world people, I’m okay with his posts.

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