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Sakurai reiterates that Fighter Pass 2 is the final DLC collection of fighters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

During today’s Super Smash Bros presentation Mr. Sakurai confirmed that the Fighter Pass 2 is the final Fighter Pass for downloadable characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch system. Five of the six fighter have now been revealed and they are Min Min, Steve & Alex, Sephiroph, Pyra/Mythra, Kazuya (coming July 29th North America, 30th in Europe) Mr. Sakurai says that the last fighter to be revealed for Fighter Pass 2 will be the final one for the game which launched back in 2018.

21 thoughts on “Sakurai reiterates that Fighter Pass 2 is the final DLC collection of fighters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate”

    1. Which is why this is my last Smash game.

      Brawl had so much awesome content, but Roy/Mewtwo/Pichu were cut. Then Smash 4 cut even more characters.

      Next title will be a repeat of Smash 4, but with something stupid like Dynamaxing, or Poochie Pups, or Tails Save, cards, Smash Tour 2.0, etc.

      1. PinkCrystalMidbus

        Maybe they just copy and paste Smash Ultimate for ever and ever and ever. They can add new characters, new stages, and new modes.

        It would certainly be crazy if they tried to “top” it.

    2. They need to focus less on the quantity of characters, and more on the story like the Sub Space.

  1. Yes, because people were totally thinking otherwise….

    And I reiterate: Whoever doesn’t get in at this point, can be modded in. I’ve seen Brawl EX’s Clone Engine.

    Just don’t let this next official character be crap (another Mario clone, third Street Fighter/Final Fantasy/Castlevania rep, or fourth SEGA rep, even acquired IPs). I already had to heavily adjust my roster preferences with the inclusion of Sephiroth.

    1. PunkCrystalMidbus

      Many people are expecting the Chorus Kids from Rhythm Heaven. Seems like a lot of the characters getting in these fighter passes are ones who were previously worked on or proposed. They were originally planned for a previous entry in Smash.

  2. Still no Darksiders characters even though 3 Darksiders games were released on the switch while zero Tekken games were even considered for switch!?
    Would have been fun to have the four horsemen on there, or at the very least Strife.
    Talk about wasted a opportunity smfh.

    1. lmao what are you talking about? “Wasted Opportunity”? Smash Bros is a celebration of iconic gaming history, Tekken is an iconic fighting game…….Darksiders is nowhere near iconic. Please tell me that was just some really good sarcasm.

  3. I really did enjoy the Smash Bros series a lot, but there is no way we can ever get these type of top characters from other series in the next game ever again. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was a proud achievement for Sakurai and his development team. This last DLC could lead to his retirement and possibly my retirement from me playing the Super Smash Bros series.

  4. I hope he gets to pick the last character and it isn’t something corporate is pushing him to do.

    I think Smash Ultimate will get the Mario Kart 8 treatment and no new version for the next generation. I feel smash is a harder development than MK. MK8 came out on WiiU and we’re still playing it 7 years later. Switch is more powerful so Ultimate should have longer shelf life than MK8.

  5. I want the last DLC character to be someone I want to spend DLC money on, There are too many that I could name.

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