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Video: Super Monkey Ball retrospective part 1

This year doesn’t just mark the 30th anniversary of Sonic. 20 years ago, SEGA also released the first Super Monkey Ball game. Because of this, the company is celebrating anniversaries of 2 franchises this year. And part of the Super Monkey Ball 20th anniversary celebrations is going to involve some videos.

The official Super Monkey Ball Twitter account has announced that “we’re rolling out retrospective videos each month to celebrate Super Monkey Ball’s 20th anniversary”. The first video, available now on the official Super Monkey Ball YouTube channel, is about Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. You can check out the video via the official Super Monkey Ball Twitter account’s tweet down below.

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  1. Why would they start with Deluxe instead of, oh, I dunno, the original Monkey Ball arcade cabinet? Or at least the actual first console game (which itself is a port of the arcade game)?

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