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Pokemon UNITE launches 21st July for Nintendo Switch

The Pokémon Company International revealed today that the first Pokémon strategic team battle game, Pokémon UNITE, will release on July 21, 2021 for Nintendo Switch systems. Players who log into Pokémon UNITE by August 31 will receive a Unite license for Zeraora, allowing eager Trainers to use the Electric-type Mythical Pokémon in battle. Zeraora utilizes its speed and moves to close the gap between opponents as fast as lightning. Its Unite Move, Plasma Gale, sends out an electric eruption, creating a zone of plasma around the area where the attack hits. To see more on Pokémon UNITE, check out the new trailer here! This September, Pokémon UNITE will be available for mobile devices.

Source: The Pokemon Company

4 thoughts on “Pokemon UNITE launches 21st July for Nintendo Switch”

  1. I had the best dream today. Kazuya beat up Avery on isle of armor and a cool KO screen appeared when the psychic got knocked out.

  2. Avery and Hop are still my least favorite pokemon characters. I hope Greninja is on Legends Arceus.

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