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Several key staff who worked on Borderlands have started their own independent project

Several key developers behind the action-packed shooting franchise Borderlands have left development studio Gearbox to start their own studio. They will be working on their own independent project which has yet to be revealed. Gearbox Entertainment founder, Randy Pitchford, says that the developers left Gearbox on good terms. A source at the studio has told Axios that some of the staff at Gearbox are happy with the departures as they want fresh new talent working on the long-running series, rather than the old guard.



  1. The left because of Randy’s bs and Randy is happy they left… Corporations at their finest ladies and gentlemen…

    1. Eh, more like “any authority structure where you don’t get lucky on who’s in charge”

      Small businesses, nonprofits, and governments are all just as bad with an idiot, jerk, or crazy person in charge.

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