Variety: Lucifer executive producer Joe Henderson is producing a live action Pokemon series for Netflix

Netflix has acquired the rights to produce a new live action Pokemon series and it is being written and executive produced by Joe Henderson, who is one of the team behind hit Netflix show Lucifer. While Variety says there’s no details on plot at the moment, the company is treating it as a live-action series similar to the movie Detective Pikachu which was released back in 2019. Variety points out that Netflix has become the home of Pokemon animation with Pokemon: Indigo League and Pokemon Journeys, among others. The live action Pokemon series is still in early development at Netflix.



  1. It’s already bad if Christopher Hackney, Casey Mongillo, Zeno Robison or Griffin Puatu are in it.

  2. Live-action Netflix adaption of a foreign video game franchise? How many red flags is that? All of them?

  3. Hey everybody, raise your hand if you remember the live-action LOZ Game of Thrones series that never happened, or the puppetry Star Fox series. Yeah, those….

  4. Well well. Netflix ruins yet another animated TV series (the last being Masters Of The Universe Revelation). I’m still ticked off that they picked up Cobra Kai. I’ll never get to see season 3 and beyond. And no, I’m not getting Netflix. They can suck it!

  5. Speaking of Lucifer, I want Allister, Avery and Hop to get dragged into hell and become Togabito prisoners. I would love to see them getting their heads bitten off and their flesh burned with acid and lava and the guardians would chain them down so they wouldn’t escape. I would rather have cool guys Shuren and Kokuto roam the earth instead of stupid Allister, Avery and Hop.

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