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Famitsu readers share their favourites in Final Fantasy X for 20th anniversary

Famitsu recently surveyed 2,751 people for a feature on the PlayStation 2 JPRG Final Fantasy X which was released back in July 2001. As part of the magazine’s plans for the 20th anniversary, Final Fantasy X fans were surveyed and asked share their favourite characters from the lengthy game along with the best music tracks, party combination, and much more. Check out the results from Japanese Final Fantasy fans via Famitsu.

Favourite Characters

1. Tidus – 651 votes
2. Yuna – 619 votes
3. Auron – 601 votes
4. Rikku – 286 votes
5. Jecht – 196 votes
6. Lulu – 120 votes
7. Wakka – 89 votes
8. Kimahri – 68 votes
9. Other – 65 votes
10. Seymour – 30 votes
11. Cid – 5 votes
12. Lord Braska – 3 votes

Favourite Music

1. Zanarkand (opening movie) – 786 votes
2. Suteki Da Ne – 283 votes
3. A Fleeting Dream – 216 votes
4. Fight With Seymour – 63 votes
5. Assault – 35 votes
6. Jecht’s Theme – 31 votes
7. Thunder Plains – 26 votes
7. Hymn of the Fayth – 26 votes
9. Movement in Green – 21 votes
10. Spira Unplugged – 19 votes

Favourite Mini-Games/Events

1. Blitzball – 597 votes
2. Lightning dodging – 451 votes
3. Catcher Chocobo – 217 votes
4. Chocobo Racing – 104 votes
5. Butterfly Hunt – 22 votes
6. Monster Arena – 14 votes

Favourite Party Combination

1. Tidus + Yuna + Auron – 696 votes
2. Tidus + Yuna + Rikku – 244 votes
3. Tidus + Wakka + Rikku – 227 votes
4. Tidus + Auron + Rikku – 169 votes
5. Tidus + Wakka + Auron – 155 votes

Most Memorable Enemy

1. Seymour – 627 votes
2. Jecht – 259 votes
3. Yunalesca – 232 votes
4. Sin – 101 votes
5. Braska’s Final Aeon – 89 votes

Favourite Moves

1. Blitz Ace – 406 votes
2. Quick Hit – 174 votes
3. Attack Reels – 80 votes
4. Mix (Rikku) – 71 votes
5. Jecht Shot – 61 votes


14 thoughts on “Famitsu readers share their favourites in Final Fantasy X for 20th anniversary”

    1. Call it another one then. Tidus is a great character who goes from being self-absorbed to selfless. He goes from a world where he has everything he’s ever needed or wanted (besides a loving father oops), to a world where he’s perceived as crazy for speaking the truth in what he is and has seen. Tidus was a fun character to explore in X, though I haven’t played any of the other X games yet, so I don’t know if much else changes in regards to his character

      1. I don’t disregard any of that, but the consequence of him being ” from a world where he has everything he’s ever needed or wanted” means that he’s an obnoxious whiny brat for 80% of the game, which consequently means for a solid 80 hours.

        1. Hm. Sorry you felt that way I guess. Personally I saw him begin moving away from his whiny brat self after the Blitz Ball tournament. He was the best player in the entire tournament, and yet he decided it wouldn’t be fair to the team if he caused them to win because he knew he’d get all the glory like back home. He wanted the team to have the win, not himself. There’s still some residual brattiness that comes from his ignorance, I’ll give you that, but I find it very endearing that despite all that he still has a drive to learn more about Spira, specifically Yuna’s world, which I’d say is quite mature for someone who, until just recently, had it all so to speak.

          But again, that said, I can understand seeing him as obnoxious and overly whiny for most of the game considering the voice acting is a bit spotty all throughout the game. I was able to look past it and chalked it up to bad direction, but hey that’s just me

          1. I think I still have my save data from the Blitz Ball tournament in Luca from launch. Tomorrow I’ll go dig in and see how long that is.

            I’m curious to see how long of a first impression of Tidus’ that leaves.

            Either way, for what its worth, I still consider FFX to have one of the best turn based combat systems, yet the least likable characters of the era.

            Tidus, Wakka, and Yuna being at the center of that problem. Yes, Yuna, but I’m not sure.a forum lends itself to discussing her character fully. Suffice to say that questions about her judgement start in Guadosalam, when she hatches a plan to kill Seymour by herself, and tells no one (for no reason), when to the player she is clearly more or less completely and totally incapable of such a feat, having proven herself more or less useless without her Guardians in actual gameplay.

            1. I feel like that was literally the point of her character. She tried to save the world on her own and sacrifice herself, which was bound to fail and only lead to her death. Only when she actually decided to trust in Tidus and not sacrifice herself, she was able to succeed. I see this as good and consistent character development.

            2. Yeah true. I think Yuna trying to stop Seymour on her own was purely a narrative decision since it didn’t make practical sense, but it does add drama tot he story. I suppose I’ll just leave you with this: I loved Tidus as a character because he mirrored my expectations of a character thrust into a new world. My absolute favorite thing about X isn’t anything spectacular; I really love that Tidus can learn a brand new language and when he finishes learning the language, you can have him speak it fluently with one of the native speakers. To me that shows Tidus’ willingness to sacrifice his time and efforts to bridge a divide between himself and those most people deem unworthy (the al bhed). In real life, I’ve always wished I could learn other languages that easily because I hate not being able to understand others. When I first played X, I missed one of the Al Bhed books midway through the game that you can’t go back and retrieve after missing. So for the first time in my life, I fully replayed a long game right after playing it. I’ll tell you this, seeing Tidus have that conversation with the Al Bhed merchant was all worth it to me

            3. Oh yeah I forgot to ask, do you like Auron any? I think he’s one of the most interesting aspects of the first game. His absence in the later games have me hesitant to play them

  1. Sir Auron is hands down one of the most bad ass guys in all of Final Fantasy. He was the guy that I wanted to play as back when I was introduced to the game (and the series).
    Still love FFX to this day. Can’t say it’s the best FF, because I haven’t played them all, but man it was good times.

    1. Auron is definitely awesome. So awesome that I was very disappointed when he wasn’t in Olympus in KH3. Of course, that game was all around a letdown for most of the damn game.

      Stupid fucking Disney holding Tetsuya Nomura & his dev team back with all their stupid bullshit. Of course, Nomura kind of sucked, too, for leaving the FF characters out of the game & only having the FF characters from the hub worlds of KH1 & KH2 in a small post-game DLC segment, so he’s not completely innocent, either. Then again, there were a lot of disappointments in 2019. The shitty final season of Game of Thrones. Star Wars: The Rise of Palpatine. I hate 2019 just as much as I hate 2016 (too many of my favorite famous people bloody died) & 2020 (fucking covid… and losing one of the best things that ever happened to me which never would have happened if I got my shit together in 2019.) facepalms FML!!!

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