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Mario Kart Tour’s next tour is the Kamek Tour featuring Kamek

kamek tour in Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has unveiled the next stop on the long-running Mario Kart Tour for both iOS and Android devices. While the Frost Tour is still underway in the popular mobile karting game, the wraps have been taken off the next tour which will be the Kamek Tour featuring you guessed it… Kamek. Kamek hasn’t starred in a Mario Kart game, however, he was planned to be in Mario Kart 64 which was released back in 1996 in Japan and 1997 here in the west, but he was randomly replaced by Donkey Kong. Kamek was also planned for Mario Kart 8 but again he never made the final cut. The Kamek Tour will be starting soon and features a remixed version of Ghost Valley 1.

4 thoughts on “Mario Kart Tour’s next tour is the Kamek Tour featuring Kamek”

  1. Theory: August 27th is Mario Kart’s Anniversary, could we be getting a Nintendo Direct on that day that reveals a new Mario Kart game? Or at the very least perhaps a Mario Direct?

    1. Yeah, that could be possible. It would definitely be great if the Switch got a new Mario Kart. But unfortunately I don’t think that’ll happen since Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still selling very well.

      1. +Brandon Rogers
        I’m sorry but that logic never made sense to me. If that was the case Mario Party Superstars wouldn’t be being made.
        In addition; Pokemon Sword and Shield have sold over 20 million units but they are still making more Pokemon games.

        1. You could just use splat 2 as an example, but if we do get a direct it will probably land on early september probs second or third week, sure nintendo has had few main directs in august but it’s mainly consistent in september, that being said I’m pretty sure they have something plan for MK annivesary.

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