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Riptide’s Project+ tournaments & setups have been cancelled following a “conversation” with a “Nintendo of America rep”

Riptide 2021, an upcoming national Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Project+ tournament, is just a couple of weeks away from taking place. However, with the event so close, that has not prevented Nintendo from stepping in and getting in contact with the event’s staff.

The Riptide staff announced that they were “contacted recently by a Nintendo of America, Inc. representative regarding our Project+ events. As a result of that conversation, there will be no Project+ tournaments or setups at Riptide. We understand the impact of this news for the Project+ community. We will be contacting all attendees registered for Project+ events with further information and the updated refund request procedure shortly”.

If you don’t know what Project+ is, it’s a mod of Project M, which is a mod of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Project+ mainly focuses on balancing Project M’s characters, as well as fixing any bugs and memory leaks that Project M has. Riptide’s official tweet about the matter can be seen down below.

5 thoughts on “Riptide’s Project+ tournaments & setups have been cancelled following a “conversation” with a “Nintendo of America rep””

  1. The Smash community should have realized from the start that getting Nintendo’s attention meant the end of unofficial mods. There’s a reason you don’t see decent sized Street Fighter or Tekken tournament use mods either. I can understand them asking Nintendo of America to run official tournaments like Nintendo of Japan does. At the moment it cokes across that in the west Nintendo only blocks the Smash community and doesn’t support them. Though I understand why they’ve become hesitant. There Smash 3ds, WiiU and Ultimate pre release promotional videos/events now feature questionable people all becuase they decided to back the competitive community even a couple times. I don’t think the people in western Nintendo understand how to separate individuals from the overall look at of a product.

    1. First, lots of devs are very supportive of mods. Some even go so far as to hire modders and create cool new official stuff.
      Second, we don’t want Nintendo to help us because they really suck. They hate the competitive smash community and are actively trying to kill it – especially Melee and anything remotely related to it. #FreeMelee #SaveSmash #SavePM

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