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Rumour: Game Boy & Game Boy Color games could be added to Nintendo Switch Online “really soon”

As of 2019, members of Nintendo Switch Online have instant access to a large variety of classic NES and SNES titles with online multiplayer functionality, and new ones have been releasing on a semi-regular basis. For a while now, many fans have been wondering if support for additional consoles could eventually come to the paid subscription service. According to a recent rumour, it may finally be happening, with Game Boy and Game Boy Color reportedly up next.

Back when the NES Online application first launched, dataminers quickly got to work and discovered that four different emulators were hiding within the code. The first two were quite obviously for NES and SNES, but the other two, codenamed “Hiyoko” and “Count,” have since remained a total mystery. On the latest episode of the “Nate the Hate” podcast (hosted by known insider NateDrake alongside Modern Vintage Gamer), the two hosts discuss that “Hiyoko” is likely reserved for Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Nintendo Life has also contacted their own sources to touch on the subject, which they then confirmed that the announcement could be happening “really soon.”

Nintendo historically hosts a Direct presentation during the month of September, having done so every year since 2016. It’s not entirely improbable that a Game Boy and Game Boy Color reveal for Switch Online could take place in a manner such as that. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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27 thoughts on “Rumour: Game Boy & Game Boy Color games could be added to Nintendo Switch Online “really soon””

    1. Don’t Expect much from Nintendo. a monthly or even every other month for a dose of 2 game boy color games is all you will get. and deserve if you think you will get more.

      1. Though, if it’s like the other two services, we’ll get 20 to 30 games up front. Which may be most ofnthe worth while gameboy games anyways to be honost =b

  1. Never was a fan of these handhelds. I’m hoping for the Zelda Oracle games to get remakes akin to Link’s Awakening, and I’ll be kinda sad if we don’t get them because Nintendo releases them on NSO instead.

    GBA was my jam when I was younger, so maybe they’ll do something cool (unlikely) and put all of the game boy, gbc, and gba games into one app

  2. I wish I could play pokemon sapphire on Nintendo switch as well as need for speed most wanted and sonic advance. I know, they are game boy advance. I was 12 when pokemon ruby/sapphire launched in North America.

  3. Playing game and watch gallery and donkey Kong 94 again would be fun, but there’s very little about these that I’m nostalgic for despite GBC being my first handheld.

    1. I get what you’re saying but they’ve added these to their service multiple times. The only difference now is that you’re not paying for them individually this time. you’re paying $20 annually to play.

      It’d be great once they actually add something new instead of a bunch of games people probably already paid for and played on the previous console, considering we all have to pay for the service for the console to be enjoyable.

      1. The thing is… I bought VC titles on previous platforms. I’m not buying anything on Nintendo Switch. I’m getting free games to play with my subscription to online services.

        If this was going to cost me more money or if these older titles had there own, separate paid app… I’d say complain. But, if this rumor is true, it’s MORE for NOTHING.

        1. That’s good that this works out for you, but this is not “more for nothing”. NSO is essentially paying for a premium to play a bunch of games that nobody actually wants to play. There are only a handful of games on the service that are worthwhile, and I’m tired of waiting for the rest of good games to come.

          I recently started playing Mario RPG for the first time via emulation because I’m done waiting for Nintendo to release it from their vault. We have a few good games on the service, but we got so many good games on the Wii and Wii U by this point in their lives. Why is it taking so long to get the same games on the Switch? The amount of quality rereleases on the Switch is staggeringly low compared to their older consoles, and like I said I’m done waiting for them. I’m emulating these gems instead of paying their premium for paltry additions I have no desire to play

  4. I see this as an absolute win!

    (Please include stellar third party games too, like Harvest Moon 3 and Lufia The Legend Returns)

  5. This is fine… I guess. The thing that I don’t understand is why Nintendo decided not to use the existing virtual console? It is a missed opportunity imo

  6. I will believe it when I see it. Pretty pointless releasing Gameboy games this day and age. If they release links awakening again for the 3rd time, then Nintendo really don’t care about their customers. This would also spell the end for the Nintendo 3DS eshop. The only Gameboy game worth playing is the original Wario Land for Gameboy, and the only one worth playing for Gameboy colour is Wario Land 3, the rest is garbage, not worth your time. The two Zelda oracle games need a remake, but I won’t be playing the originals any longer.

    1. Right, the only other GBA titles I played was Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga but that one got a 3DS remake

      There were some other GBA games that were good but not good enough for me to remember the titles.

  7. Normally I’d be interested in this but I dont wanna keep buying the same games over and over. I’m tired of playing SNES and GBA games all the time. They had NES, SNES, N64, and Wii Games on the WiiU. My Wii U no longer works and they’re going to close the WiiU shop if they havent already, meaning I’ll never be able to ply those games again I may be able to salvage data from the broken console but I uninstalled software to install other stuff since we were only given a 32GB max.

    I’m glad they’re adding more virtual console stuff but If it ain’t N64, GameCube and maybe some wii games that had optional motion controls so they don’t have to remap the game too much. They could have release more GBA games on the 3DS. I think they already did, which just makes this more odd that you have to buy it all again and again and again.

  8. Nice for those interested because the only thing i’m found of the GB/GBC era is the Pokemon, Zelda and Harvest Moon games and i already got all of these on my 3DS.

    Considering the titles choices in the last few updates from NES and SNES i’m keeping my expectation in check this time.

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