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Astral Chain director is currently busy on new project

Takahisa Taura, who was the director behind Platinum Games Nintendo Switch exclusive Astral Chain, is currently hard at work on his next project. Speaking in a recent interview, Platinum Games head producer, Atsushi Inaba, jokingly said “We’ve got to keep the superstar busy” when referring to Mr. Taura, but he wouldn’t give any hints as to what he is working on. Astral Chain was released on the Switch system in 2019.

Inaba-san, in our last chat you called Astral Chain’s Takahisa Taura your best director and suggested that he could pick and choose his next project. Has he started working on anything yet?

Inaba: We’ve got to keep the superstar busy! (laughs) He’s working on something, but we can’t say what it is.

Might we see it announced soon?

Inaba: It would be nice if that happened! (laughs)


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