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Platinum’s Kamiya talks about console manufactures and developers responsibility for game preservation

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Platinum Games creative director Hideki Kamiya has talked about the difficulty gamers face when wanting to play some of the company’s older games (and other developers games) and not being able to access them as they are not supported on the console manufacturers newest console. He feels that console manufacturers and game developers should have a responsibility to preserve games so that customers can easily access their classic games on their current system. Microsoft admittedly does a fairly good job of this with their Xbox series of consoles, but Nintendo and Sony don’t.

As a collector, what do you make of the recent explosion in retro game prices? It’s been alleged that market manipulation could be behind some recent million-dollar auctions.

Kamiya: As a collector myself, I understand the lure of wanting to have that game in the sealed package. People want the value of that package and not necessarily of the game itself. But as a fan, it’s a problem if somebody wants to play a game but they can’t get it because it’s being traded in these ridiculous marketplaces.

And the responsibility for keeping those games available belongs to the company that owns the IP. If people want to play a classic game and they can’t, because it’s not available on new platforms and can’t be found in its original form either, that’s like a threat… it’s holding game culture back. The people who own the rights to these games should be actively making moves to preserve game culture and making games available to everyone who wants to play them.


11 thoughts on “Platinum’s Kamiya talks about console manufactures and developers responsibility for game preservation”

  1. Frankly I don’t know what Kamiya is talking about

    Nintendo is rumored to add gameboy AND gameboy color games to Nintendo Switch Online. What more could we possibly ask for?

    1. We could ask for a lot more.

      Currently we can’t play N64, Gamecube, Wii, GBA, and DS games on the platform. I don’t expect 3DS as its still something you can walk into some game stores and still buy with games or just buy most of them digitally.

      Also you said it yourself, Gameboy and Gameboy Color are only RUMORED at the moment. We still at the time of writing this don’t know if that’s actually coming to the Switch. There are tons and tons of Nintendo games we can’t play on the current platform and Nintendo just never seems to prioritize preserving their legacy content the same way Microsoft’s X-Box consoles do.

      Its frustrating because I personally would love to replay some old classics and even play some of them for the first time. But I don’t want to buy older platforms and overpriced classic games so as a fan I’m stuck unable to enjoy Nintendo’s legacy content. And I just don’t understand why it has to be this way when of all gaming companies, Nintendo has some of the richest experiences on their older platforms.

      So frankly, I don’t know what you’re talking about!

        1. Well as an all around gamer, not just Nintendo and one who only puts in about 5 hours of gaming or less…
          Don’t know if fanboy is the right label for me.

          But yeah, you played the part a tad too convincingly. Fooled me, sorry for taking the bait like that, lol.

  2. I long for ports of Kingdom Hearts 2, sonic adventure, gta 3, splinter cell, star fox 64, and super street fighter 4 to come to switch even if digital only.

  3. Hes 100% right. That’s why piracy to a certain degree has to/will always exist, because if you dont give people a reasonable legal avenue to acquire something they’ll find a reasonable illegal way to get it. Look at #FreeMVC2. There is zero way to legal acquire that game unless you pay someone’s insane price for an outdated physical copy and its one of the greatest games of all time.

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