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Bloomberg: Developers have tools from Nintendo to make 4K Switch games

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Update: Nintendo has denied the claim from Bloomberg

Rumors of a Switch model that had 4K resolution graphics had been very easy to find earlier in the year. However, those rumors quickly dried up when the Nintendo Switch OLED model was eventually revealed. That said, even though the OLED model has been announced, you may not want to put those Switch 4K rumors to rest just yet.

Bloomberg is reporting that “employees at 11 game companies said their teams were in possession of Nintendo’s 4K development kit for the Switch. The companies span the globe, ranging from large publishers to small studios and include at least one that has never made a console game before, Zynga Inc., according to the employees, who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to discuss their projects publicly”. Not only that, but according to Bloomberg, these companies have had the 4K developer kits since July.

In fact, Bloomberg found out that “a system capable of handling 4K games isn’t expected to be released until late next year at the earliest, people familiar with the plans said”. And, according to their sources, the reason why 4K capability hasn’t happened yet is because of “component shortages, a far-reaching problem born out of the Covid-19 pandemic”.

And as for Nintendo’s response, Bloomberg revealed that “Nintendo responded to a list of questions by saying Bloomberg’s reporting is ‘inaccurate’ and declined to specify which parts of the information it was referring to”. So, it seems that a Switch model that can handle games in 4K could still happen after all.


20 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Developers have tools from Nintendo to make 4K Switch games”

  1. Even if any companies make their system or hardware up to 4K graphics sooner or later, any type of hardware out there still has limits. Besides not planning on getting the updated version so of the OLED model, I’m still sticking to my original Switch and not abandoning it.

  2. Haha no thank you I’m never hoping on this crazy rumor train, they been saying this way before the switch lite happen, if we do get a switch pro it’ll most likely be in next 2 years or so.

  3. I believe this is the 3rd time that bloomberg lie and nintendo have to go to twitter to tell people that is everything false

  4. It makes sense to me. Even smaller 2d games are getting demanding. They can only ride these specs for so long. I’m getting an OLED so personally I hope switch 2 doesn’t come for a lil bit. Question is if they do a half step or a full, I’m thinking there won’t be a half step but a proper new console.

  5. The Nintendo Switch OLED was quite possibly the year’s biggest disappointment. Most people were thinking there was going to be a 4K Switch Pro, and we get a lousy OLED Switch instead. Whoopty Doo!

      1. With or without Bloomberg report the switch needs the extra power it’s a shame how the new coming games like bayo3,botw2 and pokemon arcues won’t use the extra power they might look okay now but with extra power they will look like how a true 2022 game should look like

        graphics and frames are severely getting affected in some of the high demanding current games already like overwatch for example.. and most gamers own a second console whether playstation or xbox so as a gamer switching between consoles u see the gap only growing bigger..

        so Nintendo should stop acting like their games look the best and not dated while they do great job on their cartoonish games trying to cope up and be acceptable but thats not enough the switch is capable of 1080p 60fps but how many games can truly hit that specifications without sacrifices?

        I am not asking for the maximum I dont want 4k… I am only asking for the minimum a stable 1080p 60fps in 2022 is the least any console should handle comfortably without major sacrifices in texture or graphics

            1. The need or requirement for spec performance is subjective. Just because certain specs exists doesn’t mean they are needed or required for Nintendo to profit. From a business perspective there’s no reason for Nintendo to add or improve their console with sales continuing to increase as this suggest consumers are happy with their purchases. When Switch sales begin to slow then they’ll consider releasing a significant upgrade. Simple microeconomics suggests if they added new features, they would have to raise the price, and demand for their product would decrease. Now is not the time for an upgraded model as much as some people will scream and cry about it online. It’s also worth mentioning Nintendo doesn’t have the resources Sony or Microsoft does and expecting them to compete on the same spec level (at a reasonable price) is unrealistic; especially on a small form factor/handheld console.

  6. Nintendo is looking like they are going to make the same Wii/Wii U mistake with the switch. Wii U wasn’t a bad console, it just came out 5yrs too late.

    Nobody is asking for a ps5/xsx, we just want a Nintendo console that can cope with current gen games. There’s a limit to the amount of polish you can get with art style, eventually the low polys will be visible to the naked eye.

    the next console has to be better than the ps4pro and xbone at least.

  7. Let just say that Nintendo is making 4k games or have kits for it but they are secretive about it and the companies have signed a confidentiality agreement to not say anything. Then come a report that says what you are trying to hide. After that investor come and ask questions like they did with mobile games which is not going to help them. If the investor don’t get the answers the will go and say goodbye and so goes my investment. It’s kind of dangerous for a company like Nintendo.

    But to be honest I’m not a expert in this area just an outsider view. If somebody has a different opinion about this let me know.

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