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Final DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is Sora from Kingdom Hearts

During today’s Super Smash Bros presentation, presented by the series creator Masahiro Sakurai, it was announced that Sora from the Kingdom Hearts franchise will join the fray in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You will be able to get your hands on the mighty Sora on the 18th (North America) 19th October (UK) as that’s when the final DLC character will be released. Mii Fighter costumes this time round are Splatoon characters Octoling, Judd, DOOM Slayer, and they are also coming 18th October (North America) 19th October (UK)

Sora official renders for Super Smash Bros Ultimate:


34 thoughts on “Final DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is Sora from Kingdom Hearts”

  1. Not really my pick but even I knew he won that smash ballot, he seems like the only dlc that’s balanced and doesn’t have a super broken gimmick, looks like he’s going to be the only dlc character I actually plan on maining.

    1. To be honest. I never was a fan of Kingdom hearts and I don’t play the franchise. He might be a bit hard to get used to. Back when Iwata was alive, Sora did got so many votes in the Smash Ballot.

  2. I will admit I was on the fence about Sora but seeing him in action I can say he really has won me over. What a fantastic choice to go out on.

  3. Not a KH fan, but I really enjoyed the trailer they put together. A suitably epic note to go out on. The fantastic character reveal trailers may be what I’ll miss the most about Smash Ultimate. Thanks for all you’ve done, Sakurai and co.

  4. Yea it’s another dude with a sword and a stupid hair cut, his first game came out years after the first Smash Bros. Oh and it’s sponsored by Disney, good great grand.

    1. “another dude with a sword and a stupid hair cut”. I take it you must really hate Cloud & Issac then? Kingdom Hearts is an iconic franchise and Sora’s been requested for years, get over it.

      1. People asking for sora in smash are about as intelligent as those asking for goku, aka they dont truly care about what smash is.

        1. Lmao, as said by Sakurai himself, Smash bros is a “celebration of iconic gaming history”. Kingdom hearts is an iconic rpg series that launched in 2002, has been around since the PS2, and is still going strong. You comparing it to Dragon Ball Z is irrelevant because that started out as a Manga, not a game. Sora is iconic, and smash is about iconic characters, so are you really trying to sit here and say that Sakurai doesn’t know what his own game is about? Get your facts straight instead of posting such ignorant comments.

    2. Forget the stupid haircut. It’s his giant feet that always bothered me. Makes him look so clumsy and stupid.

  5. Why do I even bother reading the comments here anymore? I’m absolutely ecstatic about Sora (almost as much as I was for Banjo), but I would’ve been happy regardless of who we got.

    At this point, if anyone is dissatisfied after all the DLC we’ve gotten, I don’t think they’d ever be happy.

    This game really has been something else.

    1. I feel like its ok to be dissapointed that a character you didn’t want got in, or the way the play is not your cup of tea, as long as you do it in a dignified manner and don’t soil it for everyone else that wanted them, I was dissatisfied with both dlc packs but I’m still happy that other people got what they wanted, most of my picks made it in the base roster anyway.

      1. I agree with you 100%. Yeah it is ok to be disappointed and its quite alright. Not saying i’m not that upset about another Sonic roster or a Pokémon roster to part taken in the crossover. I’m just watching Kingdom Heart fans being really satisfied that they got exactly what they wanted for a while now. So, I’m happy that those type of fans got what they needed for what they are expecting for Sakurai to add in the series.

      2. Yeah, it’s okay to be disappointed with Sora or any of the other individual fighters or that a personal number one pick didn’t get in. I more so meant being disappointed with all the DLC as a whole just because one character someone wanted didn’t get in. I didn’t care for some of the characters, but like you said, I was still happy for those who wanted them. Though, even if I weren’t happy with the character picks, I would still be satisfied by the sheer quality of the characters (and their move sets) that they put in.

        Then again, maybe my perspective is skewed because I got both of my top two picks (Banjo and Sora), but who knows

  6. Not saying the collective cast isn’t great. Just figured they’d mix it up and give us something other than another dude with a sword. Thought the last character might be a celebration of videogame history. Choosing Sora and KH doesn’t feel like a celebration of videogames it feels like a celebration of and commercial for Disney.

    1. I believe this is a fan celebration, closing off the final character with the most requested character by the fans for many many years.

      I don’t play smash but even I know that this reveal is fantastic for smash and the fanbase and from what I can see there are way more people excited and happy with this news then there are salty people

    2. You hit the nail on the head. Juat because a character is “popular ” does not mean it fits with the tone of the content. Example: frothing idiots asking for Goku

  7. Now that the final character has been revealed, I can’t help but wonder…..will there be a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Complete Edition released now, with all fighters etc. included? It would be pretty stupid if there isn’t.

    1. That legit may not even happen now cause of sora, depending on what kind of liscence agreement they have going in for him. They could have something in place where a share of all the profits for his purchase is going to Disney to a degree a complete edition is not feasible.

  8. Now that Smash Ultimate is wrapped up, let the modding scene officially begin!

    I wonder it would be possible to upscale and port Smash Run.

  9. Not that surprised Sora got in but not that letdown either. He has been requested for god knows how long now and while I’m not a KH fan, SSB Ultimate having the protagonist of one of the arguably three biggest internationally famous gaming crossovers (the other two being Smash obviously and Marvel vs. Capcom) is quite the high note for Sakurai to end on. ;)
    I just hope we don’t see any Disney content beyond the Mickey head logo keychain in Sora’s Smash appearances from here and onwards because we already have a lot (and are going to get a whole lot more) of annoying “Disney and other cartoon character requests” for future SSB games.🙄

    I have no interest in Sora but I’m happy for all the KH/Disney/Square Enix fans, congrats.

  10. I like kh but this is a horrible pick for smash. Not only does it fail to capture the true essence of what the series is with a essentially censored version of the character, it now taints smash with a liscence property game character, and dont play dumb, you all know exactly thats what he is. Really disapointed that sakurai took dumb fan oppions to add him instead of a character more fitting. Its been a slow and steady decline in what the series is since snake was added, cloud was a major killing point and now sora is the final nail in the coffin. I would have vastly preferred another pokemon or fire emblem character or just a damn Goomba over this. That disney text at the end of the copyrights is such a stain on what bit of integrity the series had left.

    Hopefully the next game is just a full on reboot of all characters and 3rd party just gets completely omitted all together.

  11. “Another anime sword dude!” Far more brawler types than sword users but I see no one having a cryfest over that.

    “Ew! Disney!” I get it; Disney these days are self righteous assholes. But just think of Sora as more of a Squeenix character than Disney.

    That out of the way, I hope his Down B lets you change his keyblade. I WANT to be able to use Oathkeeper, Oblivion, & Ultima Weapon, damn it! Also, his Final Smash definitely needs to include Kairi & Riku. (Mainly to keep Donald & Goofy out of the game so we don’t see a ton of “we want Mickey” etc requests for the next Smash.) Clever having the final Smash character be a character from a franchise that is also a crossover. Even the people upset by Sora’s inclusion could appreciate that cleverness, at the very least. Definitely have reason to get the second set of DLC over the first set first. Sephy, Pyra, & Sora!? Fuck yeah! Or maybe they’ll surprise us & his Down B will let you switch between Sora, Riku, & Kairi with Riku wielding Oblivion & Kairi wielding Oathkeeper. That’d mean no Ultima Weapon but I can live without that if I can use Riku & Kairi. And the Final Smash could still have the 3 together doing an ultimate attack. Maybe it could have them merging their keyblades to create Ultima Weapon & you get to enter god-mode for a minute as whoever you were controlling when you activated the Final Smash.

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