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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will feature Master Rank Quests

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Capcom has shared more information regarding the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise downloadable content expansion which is titled Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The company revealed that you will be able to tackle new Master Quest Events, which will see you face off against a number of fearsome beasts, and will also include some returning monsters from the base game, complete with new movesets which are generally much more powerful. The firm reiterated that to play the Sunbreak DLC you will have needed to have finished the game’s final quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder as of Version 1.0. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak doesn’t have a firm release date, but it is due to release on the Nintendo Switch this summer.

2 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will feature Master Rank Quests”

  1. Someone that knows better Mh than you

    We already know that.
    1: they announced it at the TGS Capcom Live, like, 4 weeks ago.
    2: Always have been since 2005,nobody is surprised except poeple that don’t care about Mh but still want to “share news” (and get views…)

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