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Fatal Frame director thinking about remastering other games in series

fatal frame: maiden of black water screenshot

Makoto Shibata, the director behind the long-running Fatal Frame games, has taken part in a recent interview with German site JPgames. The first game in the Fatal Frame series made its debut on the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox back in 2001. Koei Tecmo recently released an enhanced version of the Wii U Fatal Frame game Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the horror series. During the interview Mr. Shibata was asked whether Koei Tecmo had plans to remaster any of the older games in the phycological horror series, to which he replied that while they do not have concrete plans at present, the reactions that the team received when the remaster was announced exceeded the teams expectations. So now Mr. Shibata is considering looking at the Fatal Frame back catalogue and possibly remastering previous games in the series.

“As this title was prepared for the 20th anniversary of the series, we currently don’t have any plans to develop any other remastered versions, However, the reactions we have received from everyone have exceed our expectations, so I’d like to consider this moving forward.”

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  1. Please release the others as well, they were my favorite horror games on ps2 and the only games to really scare me when I was younger. I still have my original disks for the first 3 games (sadly no way to play them though as no longer have a working ps2). So a remaster on current gen consoles would be amazing.

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