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Monster Hunter Rise/Sunbreak will not support cross-play/cross-save between the Switch & PC

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For 7 months, fans have been able to enjoy Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch. So far, the game is only available on Nintendo’s console, but in January, that will change. The game will be releasing on the PC. With the game about to become multi-platform, fans have been requesting for the game to support cross-play and cross-save between the 2 platforms.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. The official Monster Hunter Twitter has announced that, although they’ve heard fan requests for the features to be implemented, they said that “after looking into it throughout the development process, we found we are unable to implement it this time”. This will also apply to the game’s expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which is currently slated to release in mid-2022. The official tweet is down below.

3 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Rise/Sunbreak will not support cross-play/cross-save between the Switch & PC”

  1. The reason they didnt do it is bc of mtx. Transferring the save with code tht deals with owning mtx. It wuld brick if they do tht, even though it can easily b turned off during the transfer progress.
    Which has me sus tht its to encourage more sales in their mtx, for ppl tht migrate from Switch to PC.

    According to dataminers.

  2. Very disappointing :( I get Cross-Play would be hard, but I would have thought Cross-Save would have at least been possible :(

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