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Nintendo of America has closed their offices in California and Toronto, displacing roughly 100 employees

This might come as a surprise to you, but Nintendo of America does not have a single building that they use as their headquarters. In fact, they have 2 of them. One is in the United States, located at Redmond, Washington. The other can be found in Canada, located at Vancouver, British Columbia.

Nintendo also has 2 smaller offices. One is in Toronto, Ontario, and another is in Redwood City, California. Unfortunately, Nintendo has announced that these 2 offices are closing. In a statement provided to Kotaku, Nintendo of America said that “Nintendo of America headquarters are in Redmond, WA, and Vancouver, BC. We are moving more of our employees and operations into those headquarters and will be closing small satellite offices in Toronto, ON, and Redwood City, CA, over time”.

Unfortunately, this is not the only bad news. Nintendo of America’s Nick Chavez is resigning from his SVP of Sales and Marketing position. He announced on LinkedIn earlier this week that he’ll be joining Kentucky Fried Chicken to help the company continue to grow the Yum! brands. KFC’s United States branch named him their chief advertising and marketing officer earlier today.

Prior to Reggie Fils-Aime’s retirement, the SVP of Sales and Marketing position was held by Doug Bowser. When Reggie retired, Doug Bowser was promoted to the Nintendo of America president role, while the vacancy left by Doug Bowser was filled by Chavez. Nintendo of America said in their statement to Kotaku that “Devon Pritchard, Executive Vice President, Business Affairs and Publisher Relations for Nintendo of America (NOA), will assume interim leadership of Sales, Marketing and Communications following the departure of Nick Chavez. Ms. Pritchard will oversee strategy and execution of sales, marketing and communications across the U.S. and Canada”.

Sadly, there is even more bad news to share. You see, Nintendo’s closure of these 2 offices mean that roughly 100 employees are being displaced. According to Kotaku, “a source” told them that “many of the now-displaced staff were upset over the decision”. The good news is that none of the employees seem to be fired. However, their displacement still leaves them with an annoying inconvenience that could result in them having to make some important decisions soon.


29 thoughts on “Nintendo of America has closed their offices in California and Toronto, displacing roughly 100 employees”

  1. It feels like a end of a era to me. if both of them close down, then that means there will be only one HQ left for them that is located to Redmond, Washington. So, not sure if this does matter to people who is a loyal Nintendo fan.

    1. You must come from a Red State like Florida or Texas where they are Pro Covid and like taking away the rights of women among.

  2. Ontario has a terrible education program, and weak work ethic, so I wouldn’t want my software or hardware being handled there. The California situation makes no sense though. Surprised they don’t have a building in the Valley.

  3. Damn we got some opinions of the west coast.

    That stinks if people have to choose between relocating and quitting. Working remote is more common today so hopefully these employees have options but idk.

  4. GOOD anything to distance this great company from cancel culture and the lefts wanton destruction of family values

    1. Really? Family values? That is a conservative dog whistle for “homophobia,” and “transphobia,” or anything really that disapproves of non traditional family units.

      We live in 2021. Let people live and love as they want. Let them have their families how they want them to be.

      1. Ah yes because family ideals are so bad. Why don’t you just announce that you are broke and living in your parent’s basement? Oh I’m sorry did you think you could just make pointless speculation without it coming back to bite your sorry ass? People like you piss me off. Stop the childish labels. You aren’t in high school so stop acting like it.

    2. Only problem is cancel culture isn’t relegated to just California. It might have originated on Twitter (a company & website based in Cali) but it’s not relegated to there. As for family values… Well some things need to evolve.

  5. People are being extremely dumb like they haven’t worked in a tech company before. If it mostly displaced only 100 employees and they weren’t let go they probably weren’t using the offices all that much.

    This has been happening a lot with WFH white collar jobs. Office space is very costly.

  6. Terrible news for employees working in Toronto and Redmond City. I don’t envy the decision that they’re being forced to make – are their jobs worth relocating to completely different areas of the country? Let’s be honest, I’m sure 95% of their work could be done from home but Nintendo is an archaic company and I doubt they’d approve of permanent home-workers.

  7. This Comment section must come from red states like Florida and Texas where they are Pro Covid, like taking away the rights of women among countless others.

    1. Ah yes a furry telling me about morality. No thanks. Also nice to see that the childish mentality plaguing our nation front and center. This is about video games not abortion.

      1. Lol, says the one acting like a toxic child and insulting multiple people in the comments of a Nintendo Website. Somebody needs to grow up and it’s you. You hide behind insults to hide how sad and miserable you are among most likely many other things. 👌

      2. I’ll also take a quote straight from you “Stop the childish labels. You aren’t in high school so stop acting like it.” 👌

  8. Nintendo localizers aren’t what they once were. Only time will tell if leaving California will lead to better localization, or if leaving the state was only to avoid Californian tax laws.

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