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Rumour: Nintendo & Illumination are working on a Donkey Kong movie next, DK voiced by Seth Rogan

Donkey Kong and friends

A juicy new rumour has appeared online which suggests that Nintendo and animation company Illumination partnership won’t end after the Super Mario Movie as both companies are working on a Donkey Kong Movie. Seth Rogan will apparently be voicing the loveable giant ape in both the Super Mario Movie in a side kick role and then fully in an upcoming Donkey Kong Movie. Another cast member in the Donkey Kong Movie will be Cranky Kong, who is said to be voiced by Fred Armisen. The Mario Movie will be released in cinemas on 21st December, 2022 and the rumoured Donkey Kong Movie is scheduled for a 2023 release.


13 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo & Illumination are working on a Donkey Kong movie next, DK voiced by Seth Rogan”

  1. Not surprising when you think about it. They have this whole cast now, as movie voices for the characters. If true and it does well, this is far from the last film/even character film, from the Mario universe that we’ll see.

  2. Incoming “DK smokes pot” memes coming soon lol.

    Jokes aside, if Diddy and Dixie are in this rumored movie then it has my attention.

  3. Can’t wait for JoJo Siwa to play Dixie and Zac Efron to play King K Rool. Nothing against those 2, just poking fun at celebrity voice casting in general.

  4. With Detective Pikachu 2 apparently being a thing, and allegedly this new DK movie too, is the time of the NCU finally here?
    Ngl I’d love if they did some kind of connected universe between all these films, eventually coalescing to form a big crossover Smash Bros movie.
    I have no idea how this could be done well, but it’d still be fun to see regardless.

  5. If this rumor become true later, then I will gladly enjoy a Donkey Kong movie with him being on the big screen. Even so we haven’t gotten any news or updates from Detective Pikachu 2 for a while as of yet, I’m still going to enjoy both live action films on the spot. I really don’t know how are they going to achieve this after Super Mario film release. You know, maybe after these films, they should do a StarFox or Fire Emblem film as well since Nintendo already talking about a Metroid film in the past.

    1. if this ends up being true i wonder who would voice diddy kong, king k. rool and funky kong although i doubt candy kong would be in the movie at all

        1. Nintendo hasn’t used candy kong for a very long time, and no, her appearances in smash as a collectable don’t count

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