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Platinum Games delays Sol Cresta

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Earlier this year Platinum Games announced they were working on Sol Cresta with Hideki Kamiya at the helm. The classic-styled shoot-em-up was scheduled to be released on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms on 9th December, however, in a recent stream, Mr. Kamiya said that it would be impossible for Platinum Games to make that specific date and therefore they have decided to delay the game. Mr. Kamiya would not specify a new release date for Sol Cresta, but it should hopefully become available sometime next year. You can read Hideki Kamiya’s statement below.

“The release date for Sol Cresta of December 9th…working hard to make that date, but very sorry but that release date has become not possible. I apologise very sincerely from the bottom of my heart…We are very sincerely sorry for making you wait further.

“…We really do apologise for delaying the game, but some schedule issues, some quality issues that we want to focus on, make sure that everything’s right, and we came to the tough decision of delaying the release.”

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6 thoughts on “Platinum Games delays Sol Cresta”

      1. Pretty sure you spelled Anthem wrong. Yes i agree Cyberpunk is a broken game but nowhere near as bad as Anthem plus the game was near completion unlike Anthem which barely started and got released half-assed or in this case quarter-assed with the rest of chunks of that quarter of a game locked behind multiple paywalls.

  1. Maybe they realized their translation team doesn’t know what they are doing has has let them waste ad money by pushing a game called Sol Presta, Resta, possibly Dresta… I’m not sure of anything but that it’s definitely not anything any half skilled English reader would view as Cresta?

    Oh wait, just checked the article from 2022 and nope… their translation team still hasn’t thought to correct their egregious error.

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