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Emily Rogers: the Metroid Prime 1 remake “wrapped up development over the summer”

Metroid prime official art work

By now, you have probably heard about the various Metroid Prime rumors that have been coming from insiders in the past few years. Rumors of a trilogy of the Metroid Prime games have now become rumors of a remake of the first Metroid Prime game coming out next year, which is the 20th anniversary of the game’s original release.

Well, the insider that originally revealed the Metroid Prime remake news a couple of months ago, Emily Rogers, shared an update about it earlier today. According to Rogers, the remake of Metroid Prime 1 had “wrapped up development over the summer”. You can see her tweet about the matter down below.

17 thoughts on “Emily Rogers: the Metroid Prime 1 remake “wrapped up development over the summer””

    1. Most of their 2021 leaks have been true, so they gotten better at it. No half truths, as much piggy backing this time around. The only thing that hasn’t been shown yet is the DK game. Though it does feel like they are playing their safe card with this. They’ve been backing Metroid Prime Trilogy, though this was one of their piggyback leaks where they just agreed with other more consistent leaksr, so they are throwing this out so if anything prime related happens they can claim they where correct. Sorta like how they supposedly knew large details of games like Splatoon and Smash, but covered every post with “the new game could just be a wiiu port or just a sequel”. It’s hard to believe they some how know the project plans of how Prime Trilogy road map and that Game Builder Garage is labeled internally as a Labo game, but didn’t know if Smash was a sequel despite it always being labeled as such. Let’s be honost, leakers like these are attention whores, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason they are inconsistent is because they do throw in fake leaks when ever it’s been too long since they’ve seen their alias spread through the media.

      1. Yeah, even if some of their claims are true about Metroid Trilogy in the past which they gotten a lot better at it as I expected, But Emily claims got a little better in the past too. However, back in May 2021, She believes a Nintendo Switch OLED model reveal will happen in late May 2021 or the next day witch it didn’t. But in July 6 2021 hits, Nintendo reveals it to the public early in the morning and the reveal became official.

        Honestly, during that time Emily should know that its ok to be wrong for once or admit a mistake for some of her and their insiders claims. Even on Nintendo Switch OLED model reveal date. Leakers like them can get attention out of anything to lore people to there claims and just to spread fake news everywhere. I mean everywhere and you are correct on that part Lucky Bunny.

    2. Emily Rogers is full of sh!t, they first reported Nintendo would reveal the Prime trilogy during E3 for 2 years straight and now they changed their story to this. Everything they report are lies, don’t believe this rumor either, probably another lie from a habitual liar seeking attention on social media.

  1. their claims are always infinity percent true cuz they were right on the Switch pro with DLSS 2.0, 60fps, 4K OLED screen, an SoC equal to the mobile 3070 and it costing $249.

    1. They technically never claimed any of that, but ever since they would get specific details wrong they started using non descriptive leaks so they can claim they are right no matter what happens. Or they do what you see here where they back both scenarios in a way so they still claim success no matter what as long something happens. Of course since they sometimes piggyback leak, they have been cases they where dead wrong. Everyone remember when every leaker swore Star Fox Grand Prix was a thing.

      1. Yeah. dead wrong about the Nintendo Switch OLED model reveal date in May 2021. You know, another user on here told me months ago that Retro Studios cancel the game of Star Fox Grand Prix because its scrapped witch I figured they were going to cancel the game for Nintendo Switch after they started development on it.

    1. I’d say it’s not as unlikely as it sounds. Metroid Prime 4 was an exception, in that it was announced way earlier than Nintendo’s games usually are. Most of their games aren’t announced until a few months before release.

      Plus, for Metroid Prime 1, a game with functional game & level design already exists, which I think might be way easier to work off of than making an entire game from scratch.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that, these days, the term “remake” is being used pretty loosely. When someone says “Metroid Prime remake”, it’s entirely possible we’re getting the exact same game, just with updated graphics. Like an “N. Sane Trilogy” kind of thing.

      1. Nah, it feels like we been waiting forever for a fourth game in the prime series. So, maybe next year we will get something out of it before anything else happens or before Nintendo reveals any plans for there next gen platform.

  2. To give us just Prime 1 without the trilogy is so disappointing.
    Prime 1 was easily the best entry. I just really hope Nintendo actually put in the effort to make this game fully updated, textures, frame rates etc.
    After completing Dread, I’ve become Metroid obsessed again.

  3. When I hear remaster I think skyward sword hd treatment; improved textures, less blur, a few quality of life improvements (shorter elevator rides, aiming and strafing improvements?), and a slight change to main character model. Though skyward sword came out a generation after MP1 so maybe they are feeling the need to do a full remake. I’d be fine with a straight port like Mario 64, slight resolution update, but would go nuts for an actual remake a la Resident Evil.

    Sure we want 2 and 3 for completionists sake, but they are not “games you need to play in your life” like MP1 is.

    I say they reveal MP1 before year is done, then maybe on same day they announce GBA games are on Switch online and oh look Zero mission and fusion are available later today.

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