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Paper Mario comes to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack on 10th December

paper mario nintendo switch online

Nintendo 64 games were finally added to Nintendo Switch Online via an Expansion Pack that released in October. The upgrade to the paid subscription service was first announced in a Nintendo Direct that aired in September, with 9 N64 titles confirmed to be available at launch, and a few more being teased to be coming down the line. Paper Mario is the first of the bunch that will see the light of day, as Nintendo has just announced that the first entry to the beloved RPG series will be added to the N64 Switch Online app on 10th December. You can check out the new trailer for the classic game below.

49 thoughts on “Paper Mario comes to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack on 10th December”

  1. “Oh my gawd the bare minimum 😍😍😍”

    Jokes aside do they really think their going to get away with releasing 1 game for about one month and than skip a month only to still just add 2 or 1 new titles, it be fine if it was under the normal online but people are paying $60 for this. There needs to be a good flow of games coming, that way people can at least feel some type of worth to this joke of an online expansion.

    1. Genuinely feel bad for people who bought the expansion pack and now have to hope that Nintendo acutally delivers something good within its runtime.

      Even if I were really into N64 games, I don’t think I’d buy it in its current pathetic state.

      1. Stop feeling bad, it’s OK, I have the Expansion Pack and I was verry happy to hear that Paper Mario is coming. It made my day this morning. So stop feeling sorry for my well spent money. We’re OK :D

        1. Cool that you’re ok with wasting money. Meanwhile me and my friends feel ripped off. We’ll probably just cancel soon and emulate them on better emulators instead

            1. Still doesn’t sit well with the fact that Nintendo is ripping people off with this service, you might like it but others and me don’t I never tried and played emulated 64 games and I brought the expansion yet it’s disappointing that Nintendo is holding all the content back it can provide and before anyone tries to bring the ac dlc is being worth the price for the expansion, it’s definitely not worth it as you can get it cheaper separate.

              1. It’s simple, if you feel ripped off don’t buy it, but stop telling me what to do with my money. I don’t feel ripped off

                1. I never told you what to do with your money lol (reread my comment) +rpg hacker was literally saying that he felt bad for us being rip off, and you seem to be the only one who’s okay with it more power to ya buddy, also don’t act like you weren’t trying to speak for us a whole especially with your “We’re OK :D” response anyone who saw the dislike ratio before YouTube updated the dislike button to be obsolete knows that was not the case with the expansion video

            2. I mean I can literally prove that we own the expansion pass. Which one is easier for you: I email you a picture of my Switch with the expansion pass, or a twitter post link?

              1. If you do really have it, then just close your subscription but stop feeling sad for other peoples money. I like it and I will “waste” my money on it. You don’t like it, then stop your subscription and go on. But don’t mention emulation because that is piracy

                1. Emulation itself isn’t piracy lol. Did you even realize that NSO is entirely emulated ROMs? They’ve been emulating ROMs since the Wii, and even most rereleases are just emulation. It’s only piracy when you download ROMs off the internet, but there are plenty of legitimate ways to get your own, legal rom dumps

                2. Also it’s fine by me if you’re happy with a subpar service like NSO + expansion pass. It doesn’t harm my wallet or feelings that you can feel fine with wasting money for a slow trickle of games they have already released sooner on earlier consoles in the past. Seriously, by all means be fine with that. That won’t change how literally everyone else hates the service

        2. I think the issue is that some people (like myself) are trying to speak with their wallets. Sales end up bad? Nintendo has to fix the service, upgrade the library, and/or lower the price. But if people still buy it when it’s overpriced and subpar quality? It kind of ruins the message and Nintendo is suddenly thankful they kept the price high since only some people upgraded and not most.

  2. I know it’s more expensive, but if you really wanted to play n64 games you could just source the console and games on eBay, there relatively priced ok unless you want mint boxed games of course and you’ll also get the option of reselling again for a similar price ( maybe even more, if you look after em ).

  3. Still too expensive. I’d rather turn on the Wii U and play it where I already have it purchased and downloaded. You remember the Wii U, right? Where you could do a button map for each game and the graphics didn’t really mess up? Maybe do THAT for the NSO Expansion Pack, Nintendo. Then I might subscribe.

  4. Yikes, forking over $60 to get access to 1 old game every 1-2 months, and you don’t even get to keep them at that. Meanwhile, I own all these games and play for free via emulators LOL. It’s pretty funny when you think about it: I have more incentive to download and play your games illegally, rather than actually pay for your service, which doesn’t even let me own or play all the old games.

    This is why I just can’t feel bad for or side with Nintendo on this stuff. They took too long to give fans access to older games and they couldn’t even do it properly at that, so the fans did it themselves and turned to emulation. Unfortunately, as long as the typical fans keep paying for this expansion service, that will continue to tell Nintendo that the fans will gladly pay for the “scraps” that they’re being offered.

    What really sucks is that people are just too ignorant or unwilling to act defiantly with companies. Oh how things would turn out sooo much better if fans just bocyotted all of The Pokemon Company’s products and games until they cared about quality content again, or in this case boycotted this excuse of a service until Nintendo got their act together and put up a real service.

      1. Ah yes, because saying that I play emulators is “advertising”. Advertising piracy would be me saying something along the lines of “Hey guys let’s all just use dolphin emulator” or “Hey guys you can all get Super Nintendo ROM’s from these websites” or “Hey guys I can send you all my rom collection over google drive or something”. Just saying I “play for free via emulators” isn’t advertising in the slightest.

        If I said I own a gun, does mean I’m advertising gun ownership? Or if I said I boycotted Blizzard Entertainment for all the stuff they pull, are you going to say I’m advertising protest? How about if I said I intentionally hurt myself as a kid, are you going to say I’m advertising suicidal behavior and self harm? Saying I do something and suggesting other people do what I’m doing are 2 COMPLETELY different things.

        FYI, Advertising is a “marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea”. A simple google search and you would’ve known that I’m doing neither promoting or selling the idea of piracy.

        Next time, get your facts straight before you make an accusation mate.

          1. Here is what’s wrong with that statement.

            I’m not bragging. I’m saying why I have no reason to buy this service, given what I already have. Learn the difference.
            OH NO, I play emulators. Sue me and lock me up in prison! XD. No sht sherlock. I mean wow, so do millions others in the world, are you gonna call all them out individually as well? You haven’t said anything new, or added anything new of substance to this discussion by saying that.
            So you ignore the fact that you incorrectly made an accusation that I was “advertising” and don’t even give me an apology when I just proved that wrong? What great manners you have lol.

            1. It’s not my job to “sue and lock you”. You do what you want to do, but I don’t think it’s normal that you talk about emulation here. You won’t get any apologies from me so move along, this is the end of the discussion for me. As you saw I already gave only the bare minimal effort to this discussion, while you write novels here in the comments section :D Now that’s a waste of time…

              1. Really, that’s your reply? So you lost the arguement, all your points were incorrect, and you end it by trying to act like you didn’t care for it at all? You sure put a lot of effort into acting ignorant lol.

              2. I’ve been here for a little while. Emulation talk is common when Nintendo does something anti-consumer with their old games. If they handled their services well there’d be far less of an incentive to emulate. The main reason why most emulate is because there’s a lack of convenience.

                1. Entirely this. I only started using emulators on my PC because Nintendo’s current emulation is pretty terrible. There are plenty of emulators online that are legal and free and they outdo all of what Nintendo offers. Hell I never would have had a chance to play Mother 3 if it weren’t for emulation, and that game is hands down my second favorite video game of all time, the first being Majora’s Mask which I played first on the Wii’s virtual console aka when Nintendo made good emulators

                2. Basically.. We’ve paid for virtual console numerous times in the past on the Wii, NDS, Wii U, and 3DS. I want so much to play N64 games on my switch but I’m not paying $50-60 to do that. Nintendo shoulkd have come up with this “eshop” years ago and we all should have kept the digital license to play all these virtual console games we buy. It’s not fair that we literally lose our money for things nintendo makes because they don’t want to host a dedicated game store. Even if I paid $50 to use this, these games will disappear the moment the switch dies, and the switch eshop is retired.

                  1. There’s that too. Nintendo’s system even recognizes that you have the same account across your mobile phone, 3DS, Wii U, and Switch, but you still have to pay up for a game that you bought on another system. Say what you want about Sony and Microsoft, but they at least let you download the digital games you bought from the previous system for more their more modern games, but Nintendo finds new ways to re-invent their classic game service so that you have to pay for it again if you wish to play it on a different system.

                    1. Thats why its a total rip by Nintendo

                      Definitely use emulators they made their money on all those games in the 90s theyll be ok.

                      Plus all the good games arent even on there, the by far most popular game Goldeneye will never be on there

                      And my god the games are broken and laggy at that

                      And as someone else mentioned if you bought the games on wii u or wii they try to make you buy it again even if you already bought it twice for SNES/N64 and WiiVC, now you have to buy a 3rd time or “youre an evil pirate” naw i dont think so

                      Nothing nintendo can do they can try and take down as many sites as they want the roms have been around for 30 years and youll never get rid of them, Nintendo proves why.

                      And lets face it these guys dont need anymore money. They make more than enough.

                      File sharing is a basic functionality of computers and is not piracy anyways, Nintendos the one that wants you to buy the same 30 yr old game 3x and thats not acceptable at all.

              3. +Dregan
                Emulation is almost always brought up whenever a company is doing scummy practices, even here.
                Gabe Newell even went on record to say that “Piracy is a service problem” and he’s 100% right. If Nintendo actually bothered with a decent online service, the emulation scene wouldn’t be needed.
                Oh speaking of; Emulation actually isn’t illegal if you do it the right way, it’s if you download games you have not paid for that it becomes illegal.

      2. That isn’t advertising piracy. All they said is they pirate games.

        Advertising piracy would be telling you to do it and where you can do it.

        And literally nobody cares really, Nintendo does such a bad job making their older content available compared to all the other games companies that it’s the only way to play some games affordably.

    1. +Gruntilda
      When you make the Wii U, 1 of Nintendo’s biggest mistakes, look good, you know you messed up badly.

  5. If they’re going to drip these out at a glacial pace, it would have been nice at least to get a game that hasn’t already been resold to us twice in the past two console generations. Are we going to have to wait until next year just to get something worthwhile? And how about fixing the emulation for the games we already have first?

        1. Because people like Dregan will gladly drop their money on a service that provides less than the bare minimum 😃

          1. I remember when creating a good service would yield good results, but now it’s more profitable to be super lazy with this service. I went into this AT LEAST expecting the online play with friends to be playable, but they can’t even manage that. Horrid. If the end of the annual subscription comes up and the majority of my friends on the family plan are fine with it I’m switching back to the regular plan.

            1. For me the lag wasn’t too bad for the most part, but after we added our fourth guy it started to chug a bit every now and then. Kinda blew the one thing the service would have the upper hand on compared to fan emulators

  6. Really? Just the one? And it took over a month since the service launched to be added to the library?

    Like, it’s not even one N64 game and one Genesis/NES/SNES game, it’s one game in total.

    This is already worse than the rate at which games were added to the base plan, and it’s starting to seem like support for NES/SNES libraries is stopping, which is only made worse due to them STILL missing a bunch of core games (SNES is still missing Earthbound and Chrono Trigger, for example).

    1. I’m 100% certain theirs an article on here that states Nintendo was already nailing in the coffin for SNES/NES games, think about when was the last time we actually got something from it.

    2. I can understand them no longer adding games if we got all of their first party games, but to miss cult classics like the ones you mentioned is insanity. Earthbound was a number one seller on the Wii U eshop because they fially made it available, so they no longer have “poor sales” as an excuse. I’m pretty sure they own the rights to Mario RPG as well.

  7. You’re all acting like you didn’t already got several games at launch. It’s not a game per month, you already got a few games already.

    1. To be fair, at launch it was 9 games added in three months, plus the SP versions.

      And while there are several launch games, a good portion of what’s been added since the NES NSO set are not all the most desired of games. Some are great, or are rare finds, but not necessarily what we would like to have. Personally, I would love to see games like Pocky & Rocky, Chrono Trigger, Legend of the Seven Stars RPG, Earthbound, and some less popular games like Uniracers and Robocop Vs. Terminator make it to the SNES library.

      While we did get a decent launch list, still good to give consistent support to them, considering they’re to be a library of classic games.

    2. Lol wow

      Those games have been out for 30 years they couldve released the whole library day one

      Amazing people think its ok to pay for this

      Theyre not even good games most of them lol

      9 games is pathetic. All wii vc purchases should be there for switch owners

  8. I refuse to play these games until I can get a Nintendo 64 controller. The button scheme is to complicated on switch.

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