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Fortnite: Chapter 3 officially revealed

Epic Games have lifted the lid on the new Chapter in the long-running Fortnite and there are plenty of brand new changes afoot. The new chapter is titled Flipped and the island has changed dramatically with new weather conditions along with fresh new locations. The company also announced the new Battle Pass which gives players characters like Spider-Man. The Foundation, Marcus from Gears of War. You can even slide your way around the map and swing. Check out the trailer for Fortnite: Chapter 3 below!

4 thoughts on “Fortnite: Chapter 3 officially revealed”

    1. Honestly same. I guess that just goes to show the difference between their demographic and us. Well that and it’s such a huge money dump that at this point it’s like they have to keep it going

    2. I think it’s still getting new players with young kids, especially with popular additions like Spider-Man. Probably a similar reason why Minecraft has managed to remain relevant for so long.

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