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Yacht Club Games reveals how Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon came about

shovel knight pocket dungeon

Celia Schilling, Head of Marketing at Yacht Club Games, has explained in a recent interview about how the recently released Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon came to be. The team teamed up with solo indie developer Vine, who were in the process of creating a puzzle game and had shared screenshots on social media before Pocket Dungeon’s release. Yacht Club games saw the appeal in the upcoming game and decided it would be the perfect fit for the team and so it became Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon.

“The game bizarrely fit so well with the Shovel Knight genre,” Schilling says, noting that Vine’s work bore some uncanny (and convenient) similarities to the world of Shovel Knight with its cast of skeletons, blobs, and knights. Schilling adds that her team was especially enamored with the way that Puzzle Knight so elegantly managed to blend roguelike and puzzling gameplay: “We fell in love with it because it’s not just one thing we like, it’s two things we like—so let’s get on this!” Schilling adds.


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