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Mario Kart Tour New Year’s 2022 Tour revealed

bowsers castle 3ds

Nintendo has lifted the lid on what’s next for the popular Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android devices. The Penguin Tour is in the process of wrapping up right now and the next tour will be the New Year’s 2022 Tour which is bound to feature a number of surprises. Nintendo has revealed that the new track will be Bowsers Castle from the incredibly popular Nintendo 3DS game, Mario Kart 7. That is not all as the New Year’s 2022 Tour will also feature Royal Raceway RT, SNES Rainbow Road 2 RMX, 3DS Toad Circuit, and finally N64 Choco Mountain RT. New characters will be Meowser and Cat Rosalina from Super Mario 3D World and the Tour will also see the return of Tuxedo Mario, Party Lakitu, and Kimono Peach. A date has yet to be announced for the start of New Year’s 2022 Tour in Mario Kart Tour, but as soon as it is announced we shall let you know.


8 thoughts on “Mario Kart Tour New Year’s 2022 Tour revealed”

  1. If only they put as much effort and content into the mainline Mario Kart games as they do in this cash grab……..

    I just don’t get it. Why prioritize a mobile game over the console series and disapoint fans, when you can just release a definitive mario kart game and keep supporting with updates and DLC? Just release Mario Kart 9, add all the the content that’s in mario kart tour, and keep supporting it.

    Beenox did it right with Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled. Keep supporting it, give the fans what they want, and they will gladly keep paying for it. Except the Mario Kart series would benefit more from this because there’s soo many games in the series. I’d rather pay for a game with continued support than a new installment every console, that model gets old real quick.

    It’s nothing but a Win/Win situation, yet the execs are too greedy and short-sighted to do it.

    1. I literally played this for 7 mins and deleted. It was instant dislike. However, are you telling me this has more content than 8Deluxe ?

      1. It does. Every new tour adds new karts, new kart customization parts, new tracks, new characters, & new character costumes. It brings back characters, tracks, & kart from all the older games in the series, etc.

        It’s just like every other major series that has a mobile game (Fire Emblem, Tales of Series, Dragon Ball Z, etc). Their mobile game versions have content from most, if not all the games in their respective series. But of course, it’s a mobile game so it has all this content but the game itself is trash.

    2. There’s no incentive to release Mario Kart 9 when 8 DX is still selling like hotcakes.
      From a business point of view, It doesn’t make sense to release a new entry to compete with it’s still wildly profitable predecessor.
      It sucks, but that’s business.

      And with all due respect, I wouldn’t use CTR as a good example when it’s riddled with scummy microtransactions, just like MK Tour and all those other mobile games you mentioned.
      I sincerely hope that Mario Kart, or any other of Nintendo’s main series console games for that matter, never adopts that kind of scummy microtransaction practice that’s currently killing the gaming industry.
      I don’t want to have to purchase “Mario-Bucks” to unlock a bunch of crappy skins or, god forbid, the actual car parts themselves.

      If, however, you meant “continued support” in the same way the original Mario Kart 8 on Wii U had multiple DLC packs that expanded the roster and tracks, I completely agree. Mario Kart 8’s DLC was great and I hope Mario Kart 9, whenever it eventually releases, get’s long-term support the way Smash Ultimate has these last couple of years.

      1. I actually didn’t pay attention CTR’s microtransactions. I got into the game late, but I bought the majority of everything in the game by winning races and earning in-game credits. So I never saw the need to even look at the microtransactions.

        But yes the sense that you described continued support is exactly what I’m trying to say. Every month or so give us an expansion pack that includes 2-4 new Grand Prix cups, characters, karts, etc. Just like Mario Kart Tour, give us themed tours every now and then for bonus content like holiday themed tracks, characters, etc.

        I personally hate that MK8 is still selling like crazy and Nintendo is advertising the crap out of it but not doing anything for the game itself. The switch version doesn’t even seem like a real “deluxe version” since it just added the 2 dlc packs and some extras. But now we have to wait at least a few years or until the next console to get MK9.

        As long as they don’t try to follow the microtransaction or “season pass” route then it would be amazing with long-term support.

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