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Pokemon Company releases six minute overview video for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

pokemon legends: arceus logo

The Pokemon Company has unleashed a new six-minute overview trailer for the next step in the incredibly popular Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. The video gives you a look at some of the key mechanics in the exploration-based Pokemon game as well as some of the areas you can discover. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is out on 28th January.

7 thoughts on “Pokemon Company releases six minute overview video for Pokemon Legends: Arceus”

  1. This isn’t going to be particularly good or bad. I assume it’s going to be mostly grinding for Pokemon and items. Doesn’t seem like there’s any creative ways to capture Pokemon either… and it seems like Pokemon will just kinda randomly spawn in the overworld vs say you find a “camp” of a certain Pokemon or a cave filled with another type. It’s not going to have much of ecosystem, I’d say. I mean… hopefully not but it looks like it’ll be more around RNG encounter vs hunting for a Pokemon’s den/home/area/etc.

    Maybe I let my imagination set the bar too high

    1. It’s obviously going to do it the way pokemon always has. Certain Pokémon will spawn in certain areas depending on conditions( weather, time etc) whered the ideal of them just showing up randomly even come from?

      1. That’s still random. They may spawn in a specific area, but they still randomly spawn within that area of the map. It’s not very immersive when these are supposed to be wild animals in their natural habitat.

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