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Rumour: Persona 4 Golden could be launching for Switch and PS4 this year

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A new rumour has appeared which suggests that Atlus is busy porting the excellent JRPG Persona 4 Golden to the Nintendo Switch family of systems and the PlayStation 4. There have been rumours of this happening ever since Persona 4 Golden received a re-release on PC gaming platform Steam. The rumour comes from the fairly reliable, NateTheHate, and it doesn’t sound too far fetched. NateTheHate also mentioned that he has heard that Persona 6, which is the new game in development at Atlus, will be exclusive to Sony’s newer PlayStation 5 system. It will be interesting to see if this happens as the PlayStation 4 still has a large user-base, especially in Japan. If we hear anything more on the issue of Persona 4 Golden coming to Switch then we shall let you know.


11 thoughts on “Rumour: Persona 4 Golden could be launching for Switch and PS4 this year”

    1. The only thing fairly reliable about Nate the Hate is that unless he is cloutchasing someone else’s leak is that he’s usually wrong. He’s been wrong so many times that I have no idea how he is being taken seriously by any gaming media sites so often. Whether it’s on Nintendo Directs, on game releases, or game hardware such as his years of pushing the Switch Pro narrative he falls on his face continually and keeps getting passes for it. Why?

      Now, that does not mean that I am saying P4 isn’t coming, it very well could be, these were preexisting rumors and as I have said Nate is notorious for cloutchasing other sources who are more likely to be right.

      1. Yeah, I believe Zippo actually said this before NateTheHate. Zippo said P3P and P4G are both getting multi-platform releases but Zippo said he DOES NOT KNOW whether P3P or P4G will get released first and second.

        If you don’t know who Zippo is, he is the same one who leaked P4 Arena Ultimax remaster for PC, Switch, and PS4 which turned out to be true.

  1. That’s going to be great if it’s true, P4G is fantastic. That said, it’s been available on Steam for a year and a half now and sold well there, it’s strange that it hasn’t been brought onto other modern platforms by this point.

    Can they get Persona 3 onto something modern now too? I want to play that and actually don’t want to resort to emulators to do so.

  2. I have a horrible feeling that these “25th Anniversary projects” that they’ve been teasing their fans with for over a year now are just going to all end up being half-baked ports of older games.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the idea of these games coming to more platforms and reaching new audiences, but it’s been so long now since we’ve had anything actually new.
    And with this rumor and the P3P rumor from awhile back, that’s not looking like it’s going to change anytime soon.

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