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Kingdom Hearts Cloud Versions for Switch coming 10th February, demos available today

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The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has announced the release dates for the Kingdom Hearts series of games for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. The classic Kingdom Hearts games will be Cloud Versions, as previously announced, which means that you will have to stream them on your Nintendo Switch system, so you’ll obviously need a consistent internet connection to play. The games which will be available include Kingdom Hearts HD , Kingdom Hearts 2 HD, and Kingdom Hearts 3, along with the various spin-off games. Playable demos of the games are available to try out now on the Nintendo Switch eShop, these are also Cloud Versions. Square Enix has also announced today that Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary celebration stream will be happening on 10th April.

13 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts Cloud Versions for Switch coming 10th February, demos available today”

    1. This has to be one of the biggest ₱1$$ takes I have ever seen. This was already an insult to Nintendo fans when it was first announced last year. Lazy cloud versions of old games, but what isn’t mentioned here is that it will cost $90. $90! For a limited time rental service? Get lost Square Enix!

      1. Seriously, $90? Why are they charging that much when Kingdom Hearts All In One Package and Melody of Memory together is cheaper at RETAIL value on the PS4? What are they thinking?

  1. I’m happy that I’ve played all the kh games to death already. Still can’t believe they slapped switch owners in the face like this though.

    All the games are perfectly capable of running on switch, I would even go so far as to say with some work kh3 could run.

  2. If the Witcher 3 can run and look decently on Switch, there’s no way these can’t.

    I will try the demos to see what all the hype is about, but I can’t see myself renting a cloud game for $90.

  3. I played the demo, and I am disapointed. Grafik is ok, but low framerate and lagging isn’t acceptable.
    I tryed Stadia on a crappy NB once, it ran much better. All on WiFi. (And having a very good Internetconnection)
    My Router stands literally beside my Switch, I don’t use a cable, maybe with it, it will runs better, but thats not the point of a Switch! I could live with the cloud thing, if the performance wasn’t this bad.
    And it costs 100€ in europe…. for and old games that costs on PS4 20 Bucks and if the Service, Server or Internet doesn’t run you have nothing, but a 100€ Icon on your Screen.
    So sadly no recommendation. I’ve liked to play KH, but this crap-cloud solutions are sick.

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