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Version 2.0 of the “Wii Shop Channel Music” extension is now available for Mozilla Firefox

One of the things that quite a few fans remember fondly of the Wii era is not even a video game. In fact, it is the theme for the console’s Wii Shop Channel, where users could make digital purchases on titles such as retro Virtual Console games. The Wii Shop Channel closed in 2019, but if you miss the experience of hearing the channel’s theme while you’re shopping, then there is some good news.

You see, there is an extension you can download for your internet browser that will play the theme of the Wii Shop Channel on any shopping websites that you visit, including Amazon, eBay, Best Buy and more. There was also a major update that was released this past week that now gives you the option of the themes from the Wii U eShop, Nintendo 3DS eShop, Nintendo DSi eShop, and even the Coconut Mall theme.

The extension is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. As for the version 2.0 update that recently released, it is only available for Mozilla Firefox users. According to the extension’s creator in a blog post, this is because the Google Chrome version is still in the process of being reviewed for an approval by Google.


9 thoughts on “Version 2.0 of the “Wii Shop Channel Music” extension is now available for Mozilla Firefox”

    1. I’m shocked they never added one after release. The switch eShop feels like it was tacked on to the system because every modern console needs a game store on it. Switch eShop feels so lifeless and devoid of personality, and it surprisingly still lags a ton sifting through the shopping tabs

      1. That I agree. Every time I go to the e-shop on my Nintendo Switch, It just feels so quiet like nothing is out there just like Nintendo Switch home menu. Sometimes it lags and suffer error codes at times when you download a DLC content like Smash bros.

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