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Nintendo confirms Mario Strikers: Battle League is being developed by Next Level Games

Mario strikers artwork

Luigi’s Mansion 3 developer, Next Level Games, has now been confirmed as the developer behind the recently announced Mario Strikers: Battle League for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. The last Mario Strikers game which was, Mario Strikers: Charged, for the popular Wii console was also developed by Next Level Games, so the franchise is clearly in good hands. Nintendo acquired Next Level Games in early 2021.


14 thoughts on “Nintendo confirms Mario Strikers: Battle League is being developed by Next Level Games”

  1. We already know its being developed by Next Level Games and its been a while since they develop another Mario Strikers game. Anyway, I’m still a bit happy that they are back to develop the new entry in the series. All we need now is another Mario Baseball game from Nintendo.

        1. Well, baseball its pretty popular in USA, central america/ Caribbean countries, Brasil and Japan (and this are only the ones i remember) so you have at least 3 big markets, in 3 different continents. Not as close as half of the world, but its fairly popular.

  2. This honestly makes me hopeful that a Mario& Luigi might still be possible alpha dream may have went bankrupt but Nintendo still owns the Mario&Luigi series rights.

    1. Remember when Luigi’s Mansion 3 was originally revealed with pretty sub par graphics and later got a huge glow up? That’s what I’m hoping for considering that it’s being made by the same devs. They seem to know what they’re doing

  3. Alax called it once again, haha. Regardless. I look forward to the insane amount of care Next Level Games will put in this game as they have with previous other titles.

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