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Nightdive Studios up for remastering Eternal Darkness though no luck with Nintendo

Nightdive Studios, who are an accomplished development studio with a history of porting games, says that they contacted Nintendo in the past about bringing some of their acclaimed older titles up to date. However, Nightdive’s CEO, Stephen Kick, has said that Koyto-based company has been very hesitant about other studios working on their intellectual properties. Mr. Kick also mentioned on Twitter that the No.1 game that he would love the team to bring up to date would be the GameCube horror game, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

9 thoughts on “Nightdive Studios up for remastering Eternal Darkness though no luck with Nintendo”

  1. The game that was scarier than Resident Evil back in the day. It was my first foray into Lovecraft/cosmic/nihilistic horror. It wouldn’t be til the mid-2010s that I’d fall in love with the genre. (Thank you, HP Lovecraft!) I wish the spiritual sequel had been made.

    Nintendo seriously needs to either buy a developer that’s good with mature horror & give them control over Eternal Darkness so they can make a franchise out of it or create a dev team to do it. And stay the FUCK out of their way. No family friendly bullshit.

    All that said, I’d rather see the game get an overhaul in graphics, gameplay, & sanity effects than an HD remaster. (Leave the story as is.) Honestly, the graphics only really need to be made smoother so they aren’t blocky. I’d rather it have a unique artstyle than be photo-realistic.

  2. Don’t tease me. I got my hopes up for that spiritual successor. The story structure and sanity effects are remembered well, but it had cool touches like if you swung a sword near a wall the sword would hit the wall. Plus you could target specific body parts of enemies with your weapons. It had its issues but I appreciate a big swing of a game.

  3. I was so disappointed when the spiritual successor failed its Kickstarter goal… That is why, at this point, I would take a remaster over nothing

  4. Eh…… it was great at the time specifically because it was so unique at the time. Updating the visuals doesn’t fix the problem that in terms of actual design, its groundbreaking systems are now either run of the mill, or outdated. Loved it at the time but I don’t see any point in a new one other than nostalgia for existing fans.

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