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Capcom updates its best-selling franchise list

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Capcom has updated its best-sellers list and there’s no change at the top for the Resident Evil franchise which started out in 1996 and continues to be a sales beast for the Japanese company. Resident Evil is by far their most successful IP with sales to date of 123 Million copies sold. Fans of the Ace Attorney franchise will be pleased to see that its Capcom’s 8th best-selling series shifting over 8.9 Million copies since it started out in 2001. Here’s the top ten best-selling Capcom IPs.

  1. Resident Evil: 123M
  2. Monster Hunter: 78M
  3. Street Fighter: 47M
  4. Mega Man: 37M
  5. Devil May Cry: 25M
  6. Dead Rising: 14M
  7. Marvel Vs Capcom: 10M
  8. Ace Attorney: 8.9M
  9. Onimusha: 8.5M
  10. Lost Planet: 6.4M

8 thoughts on “Capcom updates its best-selling franchise list”

  1. I think that capcom needs to continue the mega Man legend series with another 3d game. Most enjoyable maga Man series ever.

    1. 100%!! At this point anything Megaman is welcome, seeing that Megaman is the fourth best seller gives me a spark of hope. Hopefully they will reconsider and bring back Legends 3.

  2. This is not “news”
    Numbers are from December 31st, 2021. Why are you making it seem like they just updated it??
    The new updated numbers, from January-March are coming soon.

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