The Resident Evil movie reboot has finished filming

The official Resident Evil Twitter account has announced that the Resident Evil movie reboot has now finished filming. The film and plot were written and directed by Johannes Roberts, who was the director behind The Strangers: Prey at Night and 7 Meters Down: Uncaged. The Resident Evil movie reboot is set to be an origin story set in 1998. It draws from the first and second games in the franchise and is due to be released worldwide on the 9th September.


  1. Yes been looking forward to a different take on the franchise for a while. The movies have been fun but not true in spirit to the games. Hope this one is a little more grounded and has a few less laser beams and whatnot. More of a suspenseful scary movie and less of a superhero movie.

    Saw the first one in theater, packed. Friends and I had to sneak in and some employee came by during the movie and asked where are parents were. We pointed to middle of crowd and lied. Fun time, good gore, but am ready for a fresh smaller scoped take on franchise.

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