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New Mario Strikers Battle League overview reveals it’s a 4X4 game with 10 characters

Mario strikers switch art

Nintendo has released a Japanese overview video for the long-awaited next entry in the Mario Strikers franchise which is titled, Mario Strikers: Battle League. The four minute Mario Strikers: Battle League overview trailer reveals that the game will feature four players on each team with a total of eight characters on screen at once. The new Mario Strikers: Battle League overview trailer also reveals that the fast-paced football game will only include ten characters, though it is unclear as to whether there will be unlockable characters or eventually added additional characters in the form of downloadable content. The ten characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League are as follows:

  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Bowser
  4. Peach
  5. Rosalina
  6. Toad
  7. Yoshi
  8. Donkey Kong
  9. Wario
  10. Waluigi

Mario Strikers: Battle League will also include Football Clubs and customisation:

“Once you belong to the club, you will be able to participate in regular season matches . In a season match, each club member fights, and points are added to the club according to the result of the match. The total points at the end of the season will determine which division the club will belong to in the next season . Compete with rival clubs around the world and aim for a higher division.”

“When a club member participates in a season match or an open match, the club earns “Club Coins” . Club owners can use club coins to customize their home stadium by changing the theme of the stadium, the turf of the pitch, the appearance of fences and goals, and more. You can change the uniform and club logo in detail, so you can make your club team more unique.”


11 thoughts on “New Mario Strikers Battle League overview reveals it’s a 4X4 game with 10 characters”

  1. I get that they put a huge focus on customization and animations, but why only 10 sounds so bare bones, and as much as I love Rosalina why is daisy missing it feels so weird how cool Mario characters are missing.

      1. I mean there is stage custimization which has shown about 5 different stages from mixing and matching them up hopefully nintendo has some e3 like direct with a treehouse as the game comes out the same week e3 2022 would have made its debut

      2. Also I really hate that we live in a gaming timeline where a game can release impartially, and we just have to expect dlc to fill in the rest of the gaps, its like if nintendo release the older super mario games as just world 1-4 and than world 5-8 would be dlc that would be release later on.

    1. There is no reason why Nintendo and Next Level Games can leave out Daisy like that for unknown reason in the new game. I still understand they put a good amount of effort in this new game, but I’m pretty sure GameXplain will make a video about it on why Daisy is missing in this game.

  2. I hope we get a English translation for this video soon. Also, I maybe looking forward for this game but it still feels weird that Daisy is missing in this brand new installment.

  3. Well that’s disappointing. Hopefully the game will still feel like a complete experience, but I’m not holding my breath

  4. Launch roster size is a letdown, sadly not really an unexpected one in today’s gaming era. I’m also a bit worried for the amount of single player content.
    Still excited for the game though.

  5. You’d think with 4 on 4 matches they’d have more than 10 characters to prevent too much overlapping. they have the characters to work with. Idk why nintendo thinks it’s cool to release characters over time as opposed to letting the player unlock them as achievements. They do this with all their games now and its getting old.

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