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Mario Strikers: Battle League file-size is estimated to be 3GB

Mario strikers artwork

One of the most popular announcements during the recent Nintendo Direct was the announcement that a new Mario Strikers game is heading to Nintendo Switch this summer. Mario Strikers: Battle League has recently been listed on the Nintendo eShop and the file-size is minute weighing in at around 3GB. You will be able to get your hands on the new Mario Striker game for the Nintendo Switch on 10th June.

“The latest game in the Mario Strikers series is coming to Nintendo Switch! Prepare for Strike, a five-on-five sport like football that’s way heavy on offence. Aim for goals by dribbling and passing to teammates, as well as using tackles, items and crushing special shots. If you spot an orb on the pitch, grab it and charge it up while your opponents are distracted to unleash Hyper Strike, a special shot that can earn you two goals in one!”

“Customise your team as you see fit by equipping them with gear that changes not only their appearance, but also their stats like speed, strength, and pass accuracy. Up to eight players – four players on each team – can compete against each other on one Nintendo Switch console. In addition to individual matches, online play will have Strikers Club mode that lets 20 players join up and compete to become the world’s top club.”


5 thoughts on “Mario Strikers: Battle League file-size is estimated to be 3GB”

  1. Very nice. I might get this game digitally or physically. Nintendo is still quite good at compressing game files depending on the gameplay or development. As for Fire Emblem Warriors, the file size was huge when I downloaded the game on my Switch system in 2017. I’m planning to get a new Micro SD card soon with the bigger GB.

    1. I prefer physical only because I’m old school. I like having my collection of cartridges.

      I have purchased some games digital though. But majority of then are physical.

      1. Well I don’t really purchased digital games that much. Just sometimes because I don’t want my Switch eating up all my data just to download the biggest game of the year in history. Yeah, I’m old school as well since the SNES era.

  2. After June, when this game releases tell Nintendo to start a Strikers 4 promto. If they do it could be out on Switch 2. If they can make Tennis and Golf immediately then they shouldn’t have no problem making Strikers immediately.

    People been asking for Strikers Decades Ago.

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