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Prominent former Sega executive Hidekazu Yukawa has passed away

sega manager hidekau Yukawa and Sega dreamcast

Hidekazu Yukawa, who was the former managing director at Sega and was known as Mr Sega has passed away. Mr. Yukawa actually passed away in June 2021 due to pneumonia, but his death was only made public today thanks to Japanese gaming site, Famitsu. A number of former Sega colleagues have paid tribute to the man on Twitter including Yuji Naka and former Sonic voice actor, Junichi Kanemaru. Mr. Yukawa became the managing director of Sega back in 1998 which was just before the release of Sega last video game console the Dreamcast, which launched in December 1998. He also appeared in several Sega games including the iconic Shenmue and Sonic Adventure DLC.


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