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Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase is coming tomorrow

mini direct for June 2022

A new Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase is on the way! Watch on-demand via our YouTube channel starting at 6am PT / 9am ET / 2pm UK time on June 28 for roughly 25 minutes of info on upcoming third-party Nintendo Switch games.

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Source: Nintendo of America

20 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase is coming tomorrow”

  1. Yeah that’s gotta be the nail in the coffin we’re probably not getting a general direct this week and the 29 rumor isn’t real I guess, it still honestly bother me why Nintendo hasn’t put any focus on any of their first party titles (yes I know fireblem and Xenoblade had a healthy showing last week but this ain’t about them) I was really hoping we get info on mk 8 booster pack and update on strikers along with some more dlc and new games coming in the fall or winter, I’m only gonna watch this direct for one thing and that’s gonna be for hopping Mario+rabbids show up since that’s third party.

    1. Honestly it reminds me of the end of the Wii/begnning of the Wii U where there was just this black hole of a release and promotional schedule and you just wondered what Nintendo was doing with their time.

      HOPEFULLY it means they have a bunch of stuff in the works, but their history suggests this isn’t necessarily the case.

  2. I jokingly thought before “haha, what if they do a Partner Showcase instead of a whole direct”. Oops.

    In reality, I don’t mind this that much. The rest of the year is already mostly laid out for first party games (except maybe Mario+Rabbids, but I don’t know if that’s considered first or third party), and I prefer when things don’t get announced too early. If anything, it means the usual September direct will be a little bit more packed than normal this year.

  3. Well June was a complete disappointment for E3 this year. Who knew you literally needed a giant convention site just to announce future games titles.

    On Nintendo’s side, they really pussed out this year.

    This was just another dead month, no different than January and September.

    TL;DR: Partner Showcases have never revealed any good, and I’m not looking forward to this one.

    1. “TL;DR: Partner Showcases have never revealed any good, and I’m not looking forward to this one.”

      Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne remastered. Nuff said.

  4. I’m ok with this since I figured it’s not a general direct. I was hoping we could get another info about MK8 wave pack 2 news but it seems like it’s not the case.

  5. I was hoping we would be seeing news for wave 2 of MK8DX’s Booster Course Pass this month. Looks like it won’t be coming just yet.

  6. I was really hoping we’d be getting a Direct soon for more info on the next wave for MK8’s booster pass, but oh well. At the same time, I’m really hoping they take longer to announce it so they can do something about the outdated graphic quality of the DLC courses…

  7. Of course keep expectations in check, but here’s a list of third party games that could be shown off tomorrow:

    Bayonetta 3
    M+R: Sparks of Hope
    Persona ports
    Goldeneye N64 (possible due to legal circumstances seemingly be resolved recently)
    Sonic Frontiers (there’s still the leaked cyberspace levels to fully reveal)
    Deltarune future chapters updates

    Perhaps some other previously timed exclusives such as,

    Bloodborne (meme answer because I needed at least one more title to make this section worthwhile lmao)
    Some surprise title idk lol

    1. Hold on, leaked cyberspace levels???? I pretty much lost all interest in the game, but I haven’t heard about that. Though I am a little bit excited for Bayonetta 3. I still have yet to play the first 2 entries despite being a fan of the series.

      1. Cyber space levels are like the orginal zone levels that were use to, they been confirmed like 3 times already with the first confirmation being at the last video game awards

      2. Yeah there was a game event last week that had a booth for Frontiers up. For whatever reason they didn’t let people video it even though most said that they enjoyed the demo.

        Anyway, some clips of offscreen footage has surfaced showing some out of context cyberspace gameplay. It looks interesting, but not much else can be discerned from it past that

    1. Why of course some PS360 ports. That’s what partner showcases are mainly made up of, historically speaking.

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