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Kit Ellis says Switch system trailers most likely set to private due to music or actor licensing

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Former Nintendo Minute host Kit Ellis has taken a rational approach to news that two Nintendo Switch family of systems adverts have been set to private. Speculation has been inbound since the Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch (OLED model) trailers were marked as private by Nintendo that the Kyoto-based company is preparing to debut a slightly higher spec Nintendo Switch system. Kit says that the most likely reason that Nintendo decided to set the videos to private is most likely due to music or actor licensing, which hasn’t been renewed. He ended the tweet by saying that the move by Nintendo “is most likely nothing.”

11 thoughts on “Kit Ellis says Switch system trailers most likely set to private due to music or actor licensing”

  1. I wouldn’t believe anything from one half of the worst Nintendo show ever. Nintendo Minute was blatant advertising where Nintendo could never do anything wrong and their hosts were clueless paid goons.

    Not saying the rumours are true or not, but the clues are piling up and a new Switch model would be typical Nintendo.

    1. I would rather believe him over some random claiming that setting those videos as private are “proof” that a switch pro is imminent.

    2. ……the show was a Nintendo show on a Nintendo channel, of course it was advertising. Do you think you’ve cracked some kind of code? I am curious what the other clues that are “piling up” are though. It kinda looks like a pile of 1 right now.

    3. Well, aren’t you a genius. Next you’re gonna tell me Microsoft also paid Dwayne Johnson to appear on the Xbox reveal.

  2. I don’t really expect them to release a Pro-edition of Switch at this point. Switch is already past mid-cycle of its generation, so more likely Nintendo will wait with releasing hardware until the “Switch 2”, whatever it will be.

    1. I’m on the same opinion. At this point i think they better off spending their resources on bringing us a proper next gen console instead of a “slightly” more powerful console. I just hope we get backward compatibility this time.

    2. It would be a bad business decision, IMO. Hopefully they learned with the new 3ds that splitting a user base is a bad idea. Even if a switch pro were backwards compatible, the devs would still have to scale back development for games to work on the original switch, as opposed to be able to use It’s full potential, for at least a few years. So, it would be so much better to wait & release a switch 2, if that’s what they’re planning, instead of something completely new.

  3. I never expected this to happen so soon but I’m just waiting for the actual announcement for a next gen system. Not another updated version about the Switch pro rumor.

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