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Dragon Ball: The Breakers producer reveals favourite Dragon Ball character of all-time

dragon ball: the breakers art

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is due out later this year on Nintendo Switch and other platforms and it is best described as an asymmetrical action multiplayer game. The game’s producer, Ryosuke Hara, was asked a number of questions by the official Dragon Ball website and while many of them cover the upcoming game, they naturally had to ask him who his favourite Dragon Ball character is. Find out his answer down below!

While I’ve got you here, can I ask who your favorite Dragon Ball character is?

“I like Gohan the most—Cell arc Gohan, specifically. I love that moment when he unleashes his rage and awakens his power after Cell crushes Android 16 right in front of him. That moment when he lets all his anger explode out of him just gives me chills. Andthenwhenhe does the Father-Son Kamehameha with Goku, it’s pure awesomeness the whole way through.

No one can deny that the superpowered battles in Dragon Ball get your heart racing, and I think that DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS really highlights just how powerful the characters are because you can experience it directly as a character with very little power. That kind of immersion is something unique to Breakers among the many Dragon Ball games we’ve seen so far, so I hope everyone can try it out.”


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