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Rumour: Monster Hunter Paradise leaked

artwork for monster hunter from capcom

Capcom has been busy developing another Monster Hunter game and it is titled Monster Hunter: Paradise. It’s unclear if it is another Monster Hunter spin-off or the next mainline Monster Hunter game as the only platforms discovered for it so far are Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The game was discovered through Discord which has seemingly partnered with Capcom for promotional in-game codes and was found by surprised dataminers. Capcom will presumably reveal all soon as the Monster Hunter Rise expansion Sunbreak finally released on Nintendo Switch and PC at the end of last month. Monster Hunter World remains Capcom’s best-selling video game to date.


4 thoughts on “Rumour: Monster Hunter Paradise leaked”

  1. Glad Monster Hunter Paradise will release on multiple platforms, still waiting for a PlayStation release for Monster Hunter Rise & Sunbreak. One of the main reasons why i purchased a Switch was because of Monster Hunter Rise & Disgaea 6.

    1. Monster Hunter Rise won’t be on PlayStation. It may have come to PC but Xbox and PlayStation won’t be getting it. Those consoles will get the new one.

  2. OMG plz be the next mainline! It sounded like a mobile game with that title, but fortunately it seems it’s not. Doesn’t sound mainline at all, but I’ll keep hoping

    1. Probably mainline next gen only but i wouldn’t be surprised if they port Rise to mobile at some point, the game is very well optimized after all.

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